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Mobile-Cell-Phone Any fans of the heavyweight brand Apple will undoubtedly either have purchased, or be planning on purchasing an iPhone 4, but what about people using other brands of mobile handset. Is the iPhone over hyped, or is it a genuinely superb phone? The new iPhone 4 boasts a wide array of useful new features, with perhaps the most impressive being Apples new version of the video call named "FaceTime". When the 3G phone network was first introduced, many phone company’s attempted, without much success, to triumph this method of conducting a call. There were issues which always hindered it progress. Firstly the limited data transfer speed of cellular networks quite often resulted in a very unclear picture and almost inaudible sound. The second problem was the huge costs of making such a call. "FaceTime" changes all of this, and first impressions are that it will soon play a major part in how must of us make and receive calls. Using the iphone 4’s Wireless LAN capabilities, by connecting to the users broadband connection via their router, video calls are now superb quality, a million miles away from earlier efforts. This is thanks to the ability for WiFi to transfer much larger amounts of data at a much higher speed the phone networks. The other advantage of this new system is the lack of call costs as you are not using your phone service providers network. In order for such a method to work, Apple have fitted a new camera to the iPhone 4. This new front facing camera makes conducting Facetime calls easy, and may also come in handy for a self portrait. On the back of the phone you will find the primary camera, which thanks to its excellent sensor and 5 million pixel resolution produces outstanding results. Photographs taken in poor light need now not be a problem thanks to the inclusion of an LED flash. Fans of filming video will be pleased to know that the iPhone 4 now records in glorious HD, meaning your videos look more lifelike than ever. With such a range of functions on the iPhone 4 that require internet connection, it is important that connection options are well catered for, which thankfully they are. If you are using the phone at home, or indeed somewhere where you have access to a router, the WiFI provides the most satisfying experience thanks to its very high speed. When in range of this said router, the phone will automatically connect, saving you the need to log in every time. Most of the time however, the user will be on the move, but need never be without contact thanks to EDGE, GSM and HSUPA connectivity being available. The iPhone 4 was never going to be a poor mobile phone, it was more a question of just how great would it be? And thanks to real top end advancements in the screen technology, camera, processor and operating system it is hands down the best phone available, or at least until the next competitor comes along. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: