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Sports-and-Recreation Football can be considered as a national sport in the United States. But, that is a title that baseball has gained, though, it can be considered as one. However, there are still a lot of people in the United States which puts the sport in high regard. If you love American football, then you might as well know who Jordy Nelson is. He is a wide receiver from the Green Bay Packers. He plays with the number 87 printed on his back. So far, his football career has been great for him since college. He was able to garner All-American honors in his college career. In the National Football League, he is considered by the Green Bay Packers coaches as one of the best wide receivers in the league. The Season Last season was a trying one for Jordy Nelson. He went through a series of injuries, which caused him to go through a series of turmoil. It could have been his worst season so far in his career. However, it is good to point out that he might have a good season last year if he did not suffer injuries. He was poised to have a season with 91 catches, 1,216 yards, and 11 touchdowns. Injuries plagued his season which led to a decline in performance. Last August, he went through a procedure on his knee. After the first week of action, it seemed like last season was all behind him. In their match against the 49ers, he was able to catch seven passes, which totaled to 130 yards. He also added one touchdown. Though they lost the game, his first performance for this season looked promising. It could mark the return of the elite wide receiver the teams coaches perceived him to be. This could have not .e at a better time. The Green Bay Packers is having problems with their rotation in the quarterback position. The team will need every wide receiver available in their roster to be open as fast they could, and running is part of it. It is important since the opponents will try their best to blitz and sack the teams only stable quarterback. The attempted sacks could be greater than 51 times this season. Regardless of the number it will definitely be more than last season. The Green Bay Packers will be looking for an exciting season. It will be more exciting for Jody Nelson as he is back in top form. He will definitely be the asset that the Packers need if he stays healthy throughout the season. In addition, the league and its fans may see an increase in the sales of Jordy Nelson jersey in the market. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: