The banter into romance, this is the French Sohu mother (video) quickchm

The banter into romance, this is the French Sohu maternal " if life is a table, I invite you to eat three French cuisine, which lead a person to endless aftertastes. " "three accidents in the garden" was nominated for the top 30 children’s books of the year in in the year of 2016 in Shenzhen. Well, this is the fourth accident of the garden, I see it as a recognition of the book. I have received a lot of positive reviews of the book, from the beginning of the book, and to this day, almost everyone has enjoyed it. Our writing, art, reading the Spoon River teacher and her friends, reading teacher Tucker, spontaneous writing Shenzhen reading month judges…… I have never recommended to them, this book has won a lot of praise with its charm. If I have to say this book is good, I think there are three points: "the story of So that is what it is. and distinctive" banter language, romantic style. A good story, "the story of So that is what it is." people have guessed at the beginning, have not guessed the ending, otherwise can only be called "current account". "Garden" in the three story of a ring set, read the last sigh "So that is what it is. lianpai thigh see light suddenly". There is no "unexpected" garden quiet and monotonous, even a little boring. Read the last I can not help feeling: dull, very good. No onion legs, only a few root funny beard. Every day they greatest pleasure is blowing, because it looks like running on the hill. One day, they are talking about the igloo, onion seals and Inuit, a big head suddenly came from the fence. This big fat guy claiming to be Santa’s reindeer, his boast much heaven no underground. They were fooled to faint green onions, lined up ready to follow adults to the Arctic reindeer sightseeing. "I wish them a pleasant journey! I believe they will be fruitful……" "…… If they can come back." Funny story is just one of the philosophy, also can not help but admiration: 1 Stories: bad guys maybe a pair of long love faces, is actually hurt your ignorance. Story 2: if it is not appropriate to avoid danger, you may be put into another danger. Story 3: damaging things may not be selfish, speech and momentum of victory is often a moment of courage. Two, the distinctive personality of the language is born and different, reflected in the behavior of the language, action, expression, etc.. Considering this point, in the edit "three accident" in the garden, I refer to the story situation especially dialogue atmosphere, each character’s personality, based on intent does not change the revised version, choose the more appropriate way of expressing. I heard the story of Welsh onion carrot neighbor, and then they began to laugh at the tone of contempt, nature is arrogant, so I will be "stupid onion!" In order to change the "stupid onion!" The degree of ridicule is deeper, more close to the modern spoken commonly used words, but also better reflect the arrogance of the carrot. The first person used the word "I"". Consider!相关的主题文章: