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UnCategorized There are two different primary models under which taxi services operate. By far the most common of these is a structure under which the cab company leases cars to their drivers. There is a very small contingent of companies which may hire drivers who own their own cabs. There is a slightly larger portion of companies that have a large leasing option, but who also allow long term drivers who would prefer to own their own car do have that option available to them. The leasing option has proven historically to be the most effective way to run a cab company for a number of reasons. First of all, when someone is trying to get a job, they very rarely have the financial resources available to them to purchase a car before they are even employed. This limitation alone would make it very difficult for cab companies to find drivers if they didn’t have a lease option of some kind available. Next, many people would be unwilling to make the commitment to buy a taxi until they had spent some time in the profession. Anyone that has ever ridden in a cab has some idea of what the job might be like, but like any job you can’t really know how much you will enjoy it until you’ve done it for a while. Buying a car just for the job would represent a much too large upfront commitment for most people. The other good thing about having drivers lease their vehicles instead of buying them is that the cab companies can offer them a package wherein their lease will not only get the cab, but also everything else which they need. In addition to the car, the driver will need a meter, GPS unit, radio, and payment processing equipment. By putting all this together in a ready to go package the cab company can greatly simplify the process of getting a new driver into the field immediately after they’re hired. When a driver leases a cab from a company, it is still an arrangement which makes most of the responsibilities for the car fall on the shoulders of the employee who has signed the lease. They are responsible not only for fuel costs, but also under the terms of their contract with the cab company for keeping the cab clean and presentable for their customers. Failure to do so will usually result in termination of employment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: