Taxi display I was hijacked police chase 20 kilometers forced to stop aizi

"I hijacked taxi display" police chase 20 kilometers forced to stop the original title: Taxi display: "I hijacked" police chase 20 kilometers forced to stop the Chinese daily news (reporter Ceng Chun) taxi display gallop shows I was hijacked, please alarm, the police opened the police car behind digital…… In October 26th, Danfeng County Road 312 staged a thrilling scene, finally found a false alarm, the taxi screen is broken. In October 26th 12 noon, Wu Guan Zhen Danfeng County Street, a green taxi running behind the van driver suddenly found a taxi appears on the display "I hijacked, please alarm information, in addition to the taxi driver and two passengers, the van driver called the police. Danfeng County Public Security Bureau police station alarm iron Yu Pu, organized more than the police chase, and notify the adjacent Shangnan police ready to intercept based cards. The police car on highway 312 gallop, half an hour after 20 kilometers, in Wu Guan Zhen Mao Ping Cun Village cement road will be forced to stop the taxi, the taxi driver Wang confused. The police will be brought back to the police station Wang learned that Wang had previously found the screen shows "I hijacked, please alarm", but sometimes no time, no care. Wang criticized the police education, ordered him to repair the screen as soon as possible, so as not to cause panic. It is understood that there is a button on the taxi, if the driver encountered hijacking and other dangerous situations, press the button, the screen will show that I was hijacked, please call the police". Some of the reasons why the taxi will appear for these reasons, there are several possibilities: the driver hit the wrong button; road bumps caused by the old button move; system failure, the driver did not timely maintenance. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: