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Talk about cadres "useless": reading the "utility" is read thick life – Beijing reading "utilitarian" read thick life (cadres reading reading) "utility" is to enhance their own quality, to read those inspirational books. Rather than a few leading cadres, indulge in Feng Shui method, stock tips or tips, this kind of officialdom vulgar about reading books, people often say that the sentence is "the book house of gold, a beautiful woman in the book". I came from countryside, young parents encouraged me to learn logic is: study hard, grow up to throw away the hoe to become "official". This is probably the last Chinese thousands of years of "official". Some people say that this is a study of the "utilitarian" thought, but the thought of "utilitarian" inspired many students study assiduously, but also the achievements of national numerous talents. In contrast, in recent years, another flood of "utilitarian" argument, that is useless reading. In some people, this book is no longer a "Golden House" and "yanruyu". Some parents in rural areas to educate their children: recognize a few words even if the university has what use? Money is not as good as a part-time job. Even the Party cadres also complained: at first he is a leader in the class, finally admitted to the civil service, now the income far worse than any other student in our class. All the hustle and bustle, all around the reading of the utilitarian". As a grass-roots civil servants, we can not help but occasionally think of this utilitarian topic: reading useful? However, in the era of value diversification, the answer to this proposition is also diverse, may wish to understand from multiple dimensions. Of course, reading can not be utilitarian, we are often very easy to reach this consensus. Especially for Party members and cadres, the book should be just as a way to expand their knowledge, improve their ability and quality, cultivate character, firm ideals and beliefs of a way, or even a way of life. If we will play on the utilitarian reading brand, will read as "stepping-stone", so it will become a dull and vulgar things, our reading range is likely just because of officialdom novels, black school like low level, no point of Party members and cadres should have training, reading. However, reading can also be "utilitarian" – here, said the "utilitarian" refers to the study will have to go to the direction of reading, reading good books. Learning to read is the basic requirement of building a learning party. We are engaged in the work, whether it is party building work, or business work, are working with the times, need to continue to learn to improve. To solve the problems and bottlenecks encountered in the work, should become the direction and power of our reading. Through reading, master the business knowledge, open up the work of ideas, innovative methods of work, if it is a utilitarian, it is worth promoting. There is a kind of reading "utility" is called the promotion of self-cultivation. Russian writer Goncharov said: reading and learning is often the nutrition of thought, is the endless development of thought. Through learning, can be far away from the vulgar interest, enhance the moral realm, get noble sentiment. Reading books相关的主题文章: