Suichang Taizhou rescue action in the rainy night ride-9c8947

Suichang Taizhou rescue action in the night ride in September 28th, Su Cun Bei Jie Zhen Lishui city Suichang County landslides. The news of the disaster area is closely related to the hearts of the people of Zhejiang, that night, the Zhejiang Red Cross (Xianju) emergency search and rescue team 9 players immediately rushed to the scene. Late at night, rain, such as beans, windows are constantly being hit by heavy rain. Emergency rescue teams all the way along the way in the storm, arrived in Lishui, Suichang, is 28 at night, when the 23. Because the road traffic paralysis, rescue vehicles can only stop in the north of the village where the Soviet Union Town, how to do? Time is life, we decided to go on foot! 9 players rolled up his pants on foot to advance along the road, this time has been soaked in water, the valley has formed a lake, after a muddy road, finally arrived at the disaster site. 6 in the morning, after a short break, the players on foot rushed to the 12 kilometers outside the disaster site rescue, search for survivors. With life detectors and sniffer dogs, all edges in the ruins of search side prayer, at 11:30 in the morning, in the lake due to landslides formed by the rescue team found the couple trapped. The heavy rain, in front of the fast flowing, the rescue team with "whitewater rescue", the players in a row, set up a rescue channel, the couple successfully escorted to safety. "When I hear them say thank you, all the tiredness is gone, I hope more miracles will happen!" Fang zhe wiped the rain on his face. Suichang disaster also grabbed the same mountain in Tiantai County People’s heart. After hearing the news, Hangzhou Ding Teng industry Co. Ltd. (31 heavy machine Co. Ltd. Zhejiang general agent) down quickly into the wartime state, chairman of the company, the rooftop space cube founder Yan Feng, each branch to the warehouse in Hangzhou, Lanxi, Lishui site immediately for people to call, with the shortest at the time, out of 3 disaster relief teams. 3 rescue teams, issued at the same time, aimed at Suichang. September 29th 2 am, Lishui Distribution Department, 1 trucks and 1 van loaded with mineral water, instant noodles and other supplies shipped to biscuits. At the same time, 3 flatbed car arrived at the warehouse in Hangzhou assembled, loaded with 2 large excavators, 1 special vehicles (20 meters) long arm excavator to the disaster area. Forklift truck in Jinhua city Lanxi a mining site operation 2 excavators, 1 Taiwan, also equipped with a flat car, straight Suichang disaster. A difficult one, help comes from all quarters. Tiantai County Zhejiang Nature Tourism Ltd. in emergency mobilization, the company from Shanghai warehouse emergency dispatching 200 sets of field tents, sleeping bags, raincoats and other items in the rain, went straight to the disaster areas in Suichang.相关的主题文章: