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Spanish reminder: Malaga nearly 5 rounds to win 3 games striker Sidhu 3 ball pull harvest forecast analysis: Malaga vs] Spanish football Gijon start time: 2016-11-05 03:45 injury summary: Malaga injured: Charles (forward), pass (guard), Coke Wiley (in the field): Castro (suspended there? Midfielder) against a doubt: Llorente (guard) sporting injury: Cassis (midfielder), Shah Vietoris (midfielder) coach Fernandes? Or give up 4231 to play 442 lineups, after all the team formation well at the beginning of the season. Analysis of game ball: Malaga? Mara this season zhanba 10 recorded a record of 3 wins, 3 draws and 4 defeats, ranked eleventh in the league standings. This event is the eleventh round of La Liga, by the Malaga home court against gijon. ? Malaga is the Spanish League upstream team overall strength than the opponent, Gijon Shaoqiang, League away 2-4 defeat to Atletico, considering the powerful opponent, losing basic on the expected, but this is Mara this season for the first time in one game lost 2 ball, defensive team has pulled the alarm. In fact Malaga? Well, in addition to the last round against Atletico, before the 3 round of the League recorded 2 wins and 1 draws, the recent 5 round win 3 games, but the 5 road team this season has not won the ball, Alves, Bettis, Lars Palmas and the opponent and the Spaniard and the strength is not strong, Malaga road indeed it is difficult to be optimistic about the ability of. ? in Malaga home court record very well, made 3 League home court recently, but each at least scored 2 goals or more, grab points are concentrated in the home court, is worthy of the name of the home court dragon, worm away, back to the home court to face the general strength of Gijon makes more confidence to grab points. ? from previous confrontation, the two teams in recent years in La Liga played 10 times, Malaga 5 wins 2 flat 3 negative record dominant, of which 5 home court record 4 wins, 1 unbeaten record, the team occupies obvious visible home court advantage, the battle of Malaga is more sought after. As for the lineup, Malaga in the summer to leave last season, the main striker Charles, he scored a total of 12 goals last season and sent out a second aid, is the absolute core of the team. In addition, the team also from Barcelona on loan striker Sandro, had to face the opponent erval singled out the whole line, the breakthrough capacity is impressive, in the last round of ray Garris who also scored. Mara? This season before the 4 round has only non negative is dismal start flat, recent harvest 2 wins 1 flat 1 negative record, the team state has improved, the striker Sandro nearly 5 round league Ramires scored 3 goals from the Barcelona youth the striker is definitely a big hero in Malaga performance improvement. Sporting Gijon? The season before the 10 round recorded a record of 2 wins, 3 draws and 5 defeats, ranked eighteenth in La liga. Gijon? All the year round in the relegation zone around La Liga)相关的主题文章: