So You Want To Enter A Sweepstakes, Contest, Giveaway Or

Arts-and-Entertainment To start, use an email address and phone number that you always check along with a physical address for snail mail when entering Sweepstakes. When you enter several Sweepstakes your information will submitted to several .panies. In many of their terms when signing up for an Online Sweepstakes you agree to be sent emails/promotional material. Getting an alternative email address will keep your main one from getting bombarded. Make sure you write it down and put it somewhere you know you will remember. This situation has happened several times before: You might enter a Sweepstakes and then forget about it? Then what if you move? The next day you get picked as the winner of a Sweepstakes you entered. Great! But they have no way of contacting you. Your address changed along with your internet provider and phone. Most people who enter Sweepstakes often will keep a list so keeping their information up to date is not a problem. It is the people who enter them here and there who miss the boat so to speak. Since cell phones are so prominent chances are that will stay the same providing you did not give them your home Lan line. Either way, you are now possibly faced with getting a bunch of telemarketer calls. We have it stated in our Privacy Policy. Your information, whether public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, transferred, or given to any other .pany for any reason whatsoever, without your consent, other than for the express purpose of delivering the purchased product, service or entry you requested. Read the Privacy Policy of any Sweepstakes you enter. Keep in mind you still might receive telemarketing calls. If you can create and use an alternate phone number that would work out the best. Most .panies offer this option but sometimes with a small added fee. The best option is to get a free voice mail number like Evoice voicemail and Laser Voice Mail. Never give your home or main phone number if you can help it. For your physical address (if you move), make sure the post office forwards your mail if you move. That’s a no brainer. Don’t ever use a P.O. Box. They will sometimes use delivery .panies like FedEx to deliver prizes or winner notifications. Again, with email we would suggest creating a web-based email. You can get one for free, there are several out there like Gmail and Mail… Always read the Rules to make sure you fully understand what you are signing up for so there is no unwanted surprises. "Roboform" is a must have if you are going to a be a Sweeper (Name for someone who enters Sweepstakes) Roboform is a auto-fill program. It lets you save the information when entering into sweepstakes forms. You can also save the filled-out entry forms so that information can’t be automatically detected and correctly filled in the next time you enter. You still have to visit the site but it saves a lot of time. Sweepstakes Ninja is a program is similar to Roboform but offers a lot more useful features. Imagine submitting to hundreds of Sweepstakes at the click of a button. There are other Sweepstakes auto-entry programs that will just have you fill in your information once and then submit it to hundreds if not thousands of Sweepstakes. BUT you need to be careful because if the program is not set up right it can be looked at as a form of Spamming. Some Sweepstakes do not allow this and you will find that in their rules. Happy Sweeping! Sweepstakes 13 相关的主题文章: