Sichuan Lushan the Red Army very touching farewell poem the Beijing – be handed down from age to age

Sichuan Lushan: the "Red Army" very touching farewell poem – Beijing sentiment be handed down from age to age of the Red Army in Ya’an in September 11, (Hong Zhu) "don’t my hometown! Farewell feelings, not filled my clothes in tears of homesickness syndrome; Mo fetters of my uniform. I want to set foot on the battlefield enveloped the blood demon atmosphere, and to contribute my head so hard the party." Often stand on the thirtieth army headquarters site, sing the song of the "Red Army" very touching farewell poem, history research center of Sichuan County Lushan director Luo Zhiyong are unable to restrain his excitement. The thirtieth army headquarters site, located in Ya’an City, Sichuan province Lushan County township of Longmen city village Yuan Guocong home, belonging to the provincial cultural relics protection units of a part of the Red Army group. The site of wear funny three courtyard style wooden structure, a total area of 2660 square meters, due to fire, now only preserved a courtyard. Zhu De, Xu Xiangqian also served in the army headquarters of the thirtieth live folk legend, Xu Xiangqian, Li Xiannian, Chen Changhao and other leaders of the horse often tied to this strain of Phoebe under the tree, then, Li Xiannian’s old horse died, buried under the tree. "A bang, a flash of lightning, the central tree branches, strangely, the lightning will actually play into the old horse tail, the horse tail north, south." 76 year old Luo Zhaobing is Lushan County, Longmen villagers, their village people are familiar with this story related to the red army. Later, this plant has witnessed the Red Army in the history of Lushan red tree was the local people called "Longma tree". In recent years, governments at all levels attach great importance to mining, protection and utilization of red culture in 2012, has tied the integration of about 2000000 yuan of funds, the thirty army military site and the surrounding environment for repair and build, and built the Longma square in the side of the tree, with the horse tree, protect the integrity of the site of the headquarters of the thirty Corps together as a patriotic the patriotism education base and red tourism attractions open. While moving, in the thirty army military site still inhabited by 67 year old Luo Zhaoqun family. "The old people always tell us the history of the house, I think the future grandchildren will put these in mind." Luo Zhaoqun old man told reporters that when she was more than and 20 years old to marry a local daughter-in-law, then they have been living here. People still live in the ruins, has a dual cultural significance. On the one hand, the site is dead, if you do not know this history, when it comes to a house. After people take the torch, passed down from generation to generation the story is never forgotten. This not only played a role in the spread of the Red Army Culture of the local people, while trying to maintain the current state." Luo Zhiyong said, Lushan red cultural heritage, the Red Army in Lushan and the people to establish a deep emotion is particularly touching, so that people continue to live here in order to better inherit this memorable history. Today, a red army was everywhere and become a unique place via cantonment resources for the tourism development of Lushan. Lushan County, Longmen City Ping Ping Xiang Gu Cheng group big courtyard in Lushan "4? 20" earthquake unscathed, by the media as "strong house". Here, the spirit of the Red Army and the spirit of the great earthquake relief.相关的主题文章: