Shenyang Dalian female bedroom heating Water Leakage flooded 4 floors of clothing, luggage

Shenyang Dalian female bedroom heating Water Leakage flooded 4 floors, clothing and luggage was in the heating pipe is not in the water, in this case, heating the water, as can be imagined. Yesterday, Shenyang University dormitory dormitory heating water, high water for more than an hour, from the 8 floor to the 5 floor has been leaking, the bedroom into the water hole. 2 pm yesterday, a group of video and pictures on WeChat video, the background is a dormitory, several female students are holding a broom to sweep the whole room ground water, a vast ocean, slippers are floating in the water. Reporters rushed to the scene. The Shenyang University is the 12 water bedroom homes, a bedroom located on the 8 floor, there lived three female college students. The water was particularly large, can hear the buzzing sound of water. The water is flowing out from the door of the toilet in the toilet, the original, a group of radiators, but only half pipe connected with the radiator, heating water, half pipe running water caused by water bedroom. More than 10 of my classmates with a broom to sweep out all not come and sweep, the corridor is water, and has been leaking, several floors were flooded. "We were in the dormitory when we were in the room, so we called in time to repair the phone." The dormitory classmate said, call more than one hour later, finally the maintenance personnel came to close the heating master valve, and then to the half of the heating pipe end is a switch valve. Before the three girls moved in, the bedroom door was covered with seals, so the indoor heating may not have been repaired. After heating water running, many dormitories have been unable to live, and a lot of clothes and luggage in the dormitory have been blisters. "Especially in the heating out of the water is not clear, black, yellow, black and yellow water, do not know whether there is pollution."." The students were worried. At present, the school said it will change the dormitory for several girls as soon as possible. Heating period reminder: the school dormitory, unit office building room is more, it is easy to exist heating water leakage hidden danger, remind the user to carefully repair each room before heating, and then water. In addition, many people do not know where the main valve is, should be found and remember. Once the heating burst, leakage and other accidents, the first time you can manually close the home heating valve, or call the property as soon as possible to shut down the corridor heating valve, reduce losses. > > > more news; big snowfall in Liaoning this afternoon; value ¥ 888 Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs free of charge! Scan two-dimensional code below concern, "Liao Wang" WeChat (txdaliao), reply "understand and participate in the activities, after the winter crabs eat more fat Oh ~ you! ]

沈大女寝暖气漏水淹了4层楼 衣物、行李被水泡 暖气在,管子不在,这种情况下暖气就上水了,后果可想而知。昨日,沈阳大学一女生宿舍寝室内暖气发水,大水流了一个多小时,从8楼一直漏到5楼,寝室成了水帘洞。昨日下午2时许,一组视频及照片在微信上流传,视频背景是一女生宿舍,几名女同学正拿着笤帚扫水,整个寝室地面汪洋一片,拖鞋都漂在水上。记者赶到现场。发水的寝室是沈阳大学12舍,位于8楼的一间寝室,住着三名女大学生。水发得特别大,能听见“哗哗”的流水声。水是从位于门口的厕所里流出来的,原来,厕所内有一组暖气片,但暖气片上只连接着半截管子,暖气上水,半截管子跑水造成寝室发水。十多名同学一起用笤帚往外扫都扫不过来,整个走廊内都是水,并一直往下漏,多个楼层遭连累被淹。“正赶上当时我们在寝室,所以我们及时打电话报修。”该寝室同学称,打电话一个多小时后终于有维修人员赶来关闭了暖气总阀,然后给半截暖气管子末端安了一个开关阀。三位女生搬进来前,寝室门是贴着封条的,所以室内暖气可能一直未检修。暖气跑水后多个寝室已无法住人,寝室内很多衣物、行李都被水泡了。“尤其暖气里跑出来的不是清水,都是黑黄黑黄的水,不知道有没有污染。”学生比较担心。目前,校方表示,将为几位女生尽快调换寝室。供暖期提醒:学校寝室、单位办公楼房间较多,很容易存在暖气漏水隐患,提醒用户赶在供暖前仔细检修各个房间再上水。另外,很多人不知道自家暖气总阀在哪里,应找到并记住。一旦发生暖气爆裂、漏水等意外情况,第一时间可自己手动关闭家中暖气入户阀门,或者尽快打电话通知物业关闭楼道内暖气总阀门,减少损失。>>>更多新闻今日午后辽宁迎大范围降雪 【价值¥888的澄阳湖大闸蟹免费送!扫描下方二维码,关注“大辽网”微信(txdaliao),回复“大闸蟹”了解活动并参加,入冬后的蟹子更肥美哦~爱吃你就来!】相关的主题文章: