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Reference-and-Education Everyone wants a website to promote their business. The choice of how to design your website. A lot of businesses decide to hire a professional web designer to design their site. Even if you hire a professional web designer you will still ought to know a little bit about websites. The goal of most businesses is to have a website that will give information about their products and services while maintaining a professional web design. A professional web design doesn’t necessarily require a professional, it just requires a great eye. Below are a few tips of how to create a professional web design and taboos to stay away from. * Simple is often best. Choose the colors that represent your business, but also the colors most readable. Having light background with light text will only make the information hard to read. The other half of the coin is no busy backgrounds. If you choose a light background don’t include your .panies logo on the entire background or other types of design. * Text should be easy to read. Not only in color, but also in font. The font should be simple and business like. A lot of resumes are using Ariel Narrow, Currier New, or something equally business like. * Information oughts to be crucial to your site. You ought to have keywords on your main page while delving in to the products or services you sell. If the information is not easy to find potential customers are going to think this is a bad web design and not .e back. To be a great web design you ought to have the information a potential most wants to know about your products or services on the main page. * Include .pany background, contact information, links, searches on every page especially the home page. A potential customer wants to find the answers to their questions on every page, even if that means they ought to speak with a .pany representative. A professional web design doesn’t ought to be created by a professional. Using good business sense and a few tips of what to do and not to do will help you create a website that looks great. The goal is to bring in potential customers and make them loyal customers. If they return that’s great, but getting them to look further than the main page is a true professional web design. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: