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The second property policy window period approaching   or the Xiamen property market will face the financial – line market policy "window period" is coming or the Xiamen property market will face trainee newspaper reporter Du Yumeng since the second half of last year, the property market fever phenomenon or just do not drop, and first-tier cities affected by the heat conduction effect, second city residents like a runaway horse, soaring. Not only that, the rate of housing prices in second tier cities is gradually more than the first tier cities. Data show that, as of July this year, Xiamen, Nanjing, Hefei three cities housing prices rose by 39.6%, 34.9% and 34%, compared with the same period last year, although still lower than Shenzhen, but in full swing over the same period of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou three housing prices. In the face of rising housing prices, Xiamen finally restarted the restriction policy on the last day of August. With strategy consulting research center director Zhang Hongwei told the "Securities Daily" reporter said, first of all, the loose monetary policy, the cost of capital is relatively low, capital investment is inevitable to rise in the channel in the property market, in this case, the fundamentals of Xiamen is better, the popular investment favored; secondly, the most expensive land area with Xiamen frequency, the most expensive land pushed the property market volume and price go into the state, and at this stage, it is necessary to the adoption of administrative restriction measures to suppress the real phenomenon, and steady trend of rising prices. "Securities Daily" reporters combed National Bureau of statistics data found that since March this year, Xiamen has become the vanguard of rising house prices. In March Xiamen new commercial housing prices rose 5.4%, ranked first in the country; in April Xiamen new commercial housing prices rose 5.3%, ranks the second; May Xiamen new commercial housing prices rose 5.5%, located in the first place; June Xiamen new commercial housing prices rose 4.7%, second in China; July Xiamen new commodity prices residential prices 4.6%, again ranked first in the country. So far, Xiamen new commercial housing prices have been rising for 17 consecutive months. Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei in an interview with the Securities Daily reporters, said that as of July, Xiamen housing prices rose by 4.6%, an increase of 39.6%, are at the forefront, it can be said that the need for regulation is very strong. Compared to the implementation of the Suzhou version of the relaxed threshold policy, the Xiamen restriction policy is much more stringent. Although the implementation of the restriction policy in Suzhou seems to be more relaxed in many industry insiders, but according to the statistics released by China Index Research Institute in August, one hundred city housing prices in showed that the average housing price of Suzhou in August was 15299 yuan square meters, a decline of 0.25%. It is worth noting that this is Suzhou in August 11th to restart the restriction since the end of the first price of the house for 9 consecutive months of rise, falling. "Although the policy has a direct impact, but from psychological influence, this represents the beginning of a tightening control." In Zhang Dawei’s view, such as Nanjing, Hefei, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Fuzhou, Huizhou and other housing prices rising faster cities are likely to introduce 二线楼市政策窗口期来临 厦门楼市或将变脸–财经–人民网   二线楼市政策“窗口期”来临 厦门楼市或将“变脸”   本报见习记者 杜雨萌   自去年下半年以来,楼市高烧现象只升不降,并且受一线城市热传导效应影响,二线城市房价犹如脱缰野马,一路猛涨。不仅如此,二线城市房价上涨速度更是逐渐超过一线城市。   数据显示,截至今年7月份,厦门、南京、合肥三个城市的房价较去年同期分别上涨39.6%、34.9%和34%,虽然涨幅仍次于深圳,但却全面超过同期的北京、上海、广州三地的房价涨度。面对不断上涨的房价,厦门终于在8月份的最后一天重启限购政策。   同策咨询研究中心总监张宏伟在接受《证券日报》记者采访时表示,首先,在货币政策宽松、资金成本较低的情况下,资金必然投资到仍处于上涨通道中的楼市,在这种情况下,厦门的基本面情况较好,颇受投资客青睐;其次,随着厦门地区地王频出,地王推动该地楼市进入量价齐升的状态,而在这个阶段,有必要通过行政化的限购措施来抑制炒房现象,进而平稳房价上涨趋势。   《证券日报》记者梳理国家统计局数据发现,自今年3月份开始,厦门已成为房价上涨中的急先锋。3月份厦门新建商品住宅价格环比上涨5.4%,居于全国首位;4月份厦门新建商品住宅价格环比上涨5.3%,居于全国第二位;5月份厦门新建商品住宅价格环比上涨5.5%,位于全国首位;6月份厦门新建商品住宅价格环比上涨4.7%,位于全国第二位;7月份厦门新建商品住宅价格环比上涨4.6%,再次居于全国首位。至此,厦门新建商品住宅价格已连续上涨17个月。   中原地产首席分析师张大伟在接受《证券日报》记者采访时表示,截至7月份厦门房价环比上涨4.6%,同比上涨39.6%,均处于前列,可以说调控的必要性非常强。相比苏州执行的宽松版门槛政策,此次厦门限购政策要严格很多。   尽管苏州执行的限购政策在许多业内人士看来力度比较宽松,但据中国指数研究院公布的8月份全国百城房价统计数据显示,苏州市8月份住宅均价为15299元 平方米,环比下跌0.25%。值得注意的是,这是苏州在8月11日重启限购以来,该地房价首次结束连续9个月的上涨,出现下跌。   “虽然政策所带来的直接影响不大,但从心理影响来看,这代表了一轮收紧调控的开始。”在张大伟看来,诸如南京、合肥、杭州、天津、福州、惠州等房价上涨速度较快的城市,都有可能出台升级加码的调控政策。 (责编:王子侯、杨曦)相关的主题文章: