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UnCategorized Salvador da Bahia is a beautiful city located along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and is known as the capital of the Brazilian state Bahia. During the time when the Portuguese were controlling the area the administrative center was located here, but many things have changed since then. A particular type of celebrity is associated with the city as it is believed to be the place where Capoeira was born. Capoeira represents a unique style of martial arts that .bines elements of African and Brazilian fighting movements now famous worldwide. The ones that invented Capoeira were the African slaves that were brought here by foreign rulers. Their descendants still live here among other nationalities as the entire region is seen as an amalgam of human races, religions, and other traditions. This variety is also reflected by the local cuisine which is rich in appetizing flavors. When you travel to Salvador da Bahia you will should visit the old quarter named Pelourinho. Strolling down the narrow streets made of durable cobblestone you will be able to enjoy the sight of many colonial buildings. However, because many of these buildings were in a precarious state the authorities chose to modernize the old neighborhood, robbing some of its worldly charm. Still, travelers will be able to have fun like in the old days and every Tuesday at night there are plenty of celebrations held right on the streets. These celebrations are filled with music and dancing. They once held a religious connotation since Tuesday was the day of the week when bread was shared between the poor. You can have a great time while in Salvador da Bahia as the place has plenty of beaches to go around. The most famous is Porto da Barra situated inside the bay. Because the waters here are calm, locals and tourists use it their favorite swimming spot. During weekends the beach quite crowded, because everybody .es down for a day or two of relaxation and bathing in the sun. A unique experience is reserved for those who want to embark on Elevador Lacerta. There are four elevators that can take you up 72 meters into the sky and they are used to connect the lower area of the city with its upper area. The elevators are used daily by 50,000 people, locals and tourists that enjoy and appreciate this interesting shortcut between different parts of the city. If you are in Salvador da Bahia, you cannot miss touring the famous colonial churches. As each one of them is designed and built differently you never get the chance to get bored and you can spend an entire day doing only this. While you tour the churches you can also discover many interesting things about the city and visit many other places that you may have missed otherwise. Among the churches you really have to visit, are the Igreja de Bonfim or the Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Rosario dos Pretos. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: