Russian aircraft carrier foreign aircraft came close to the Mediterranean as Russia exposure reason 9c8814

Russian aircraft carrier foreign aircraft came close to the Mediterranean as Russia exposure reason – Sohu military channel map information: the Russian "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier to participate in military exercises. Reference News Network reported on November 14th: foreign media said, "Kuznetsov" aircraft commander, navy captain Sergei? Artamonov said on Russian television news Saturday broadcast programs, including "Peter the great" cruiser, "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier fleet, Northern Fleet is currently in the eastern Mediterranean waters near Syria to start training. According to Itar TASS reported on 12 November, Artamonov said: "the aircraft carrier fleet has arrived in the designated area of the eastern Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Syria in the joint exercise tasks." "Peter the great" nuclear powered cruiser captain, navy captain Fra Mara Hobbs season Slavic? Said that the scope of other countries "dare not close to the Russian naval aircraft within 50 kilometers, because they are very clear in China’s nuclear powered cruiser power". The news said the Northern Fleet aircraft carrier formation in October 15th, set sail for the Atlantic northeast and Mediterranean waters, including the formation of type 11435 "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier, "Peter the great", type 11442, type 1155 nuclear powered heavy cruiser "North Morse" and "admiral Kulakov", a large anti submarine destroyers and the number of ships logistics supply ship. Artamonov said that in the waters near Syria, the Mediterranean Sea, "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier on the aircraft began to drill, and exercise with the Syria port. In response to the question of whether there is a carrier based aircraft flying into the airspace of Syria, he said: the carrier aircraft from the aircraft carrier deck, and drilling and coordination between port personnel." In response to questions about whether the fleet in the Mediterranean during the voyage to refuel in Spain, Artamonov said: "there must be docked port of Ceuta plan. We did not receive external assistance, but rely on their own security ship, continue to move forward as planned."相关的主题文章: