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Relying solely on hardware support revenue losses 6 billion 200 million why can still be listed? Why can the loss of 6 billion 200 million Meitu Xiu Xiu listed? Cover rainbow Beijing reported a penetration of the world’s 1 billion 100 million terminal equipment to go to Hong Kong listed companies. In August 22nd, the Hongkong stock exchange updated information shows the MiTo company listing application documents, intends to raise $500 million -10 billion dollars, if the MiTo company in the fourth quarter of the successful listing, it will become a Tencent, Hongkong’s largest Internet company IPO. Since the beginning of the landing hardware, the outside world began to challenge the company’s online software company has never stopped the controversy – a number of core image processing products to create an online flow Empire realized? Now plans to go to Hong Kong market, Wu Xinhong, founder of the United States and the company has been burdened by a layer of pressure. "We want to become a larger pattern of a company, the first mentality to be more open." This is before he accepted an interview with the Economic Observer newspaper said, with Mito 8 years of growth, Wu Xinhong has a green hand from an entrepreneur is transformed into a panic in the 80 CEO, is now listed in Hong Kong to become a public company, the profit model of Mito company also need to give a more durable. Line layout from 2008 Mito company was founded has 8 years, before Wu Xinhong made the "Martian", the "non mainstream" culture made him aware of the importance of 90, focus on their needs, and thus open the course of mito. If you search for "Meitu" in the app store, the first is Meitu Xiu Xiu, the two flagship beauty camera. As the first product Mito company, Meitu Xiu Xiu officially released in October 8, 2008, gradually covering the Win-dows, iOS, Android, WindowsPhone and other mainstream platform, mobile end users has exceeded 500 million, and for 3 consecutive years topped the annual selection of ten AppStore. After a series of such as Mito veg, beauty shot, posters and other variety of factories, grapefruit camera Mito company’s products, covering from landscaping, self beauty to video entertainment aspects. In fact, the product line structure of Mito company is not complex, around Meitu Xiu Xiu, beauty camera, beauty shot, beauty camera, self timer, tide BeautyPlus 6 core applications through the free use of the way, the MiTo mobile terminal products global coverage number has exceeded 1 billion 100 million sets of equipment. But as diverse beauties of their products, Wu Xinhong is not satisfied merely to rely on its own products Fengeng market, behind many similar software outstanding investor, also has the MiTo company figure. Like Faceu, this software has functions of dynamic sticker filters and beauty effect are Mito company’s favor, the ten million B round of investment by the lead investor Lightspeed An Zhen map, with the vote. Wu Xinhong want to do, I’m afraid the layout of a power network, fully meet user needs, the circle of users in their own products in the camp, and then have the infinite possibility, as the flow to Tencent created around the QQ and WeChat on相关的主题文章: