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Self-Improvement Superman is a timeless figure that is known by everyone, regardless of age and race. Since 1938, this superhero has starred in many .ic books, cartoons and movies. His image can also be found in cards and action figures. And, even though many improvements have been made in the .ic art due to the advances in printing technology, the red and yellow S on his chest has remained the same throughout the ages. And, its appeal to the public has never faded. As a matter of fact, anyone who sees this icon will be able to recognize it. That S can only stand for one person Superman! Be A Superhero Too! How does one define a superhero? With the way he can wear tights and run around with a cape, he must be a very confident individual who can easily express himself without fear of ridicule or disapproval. Release the superhero within you by allowing the world to see who you are. Go ahead and wear a pair of Superman cufflinks because you can identify with this hero. Release The Child In You! Your being a Superman fan doesn’t have to end with your childhood. You might have put an end to your hobby of collecting Superman .ic books in order to move out of the house and pay your rent. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t relive the days wherein you saved your allowance in order to buy a limited edition Superman .ic book by wearing a pair of Superman cufflinks to work. You may have given up the thrill of showing off your latest issue to your friends because most of them have outgrown it and have moved on to other interests like golf and poker nights but that doesn’t mean that you can no longer release the fan in you by flaunting your Superman cufflinks. Be a Hero to Your Child! Perhaps now that your friends have grown out of it, you now collect .ic books with your son. And, you never fail to tell him about the collection that you have accumulated in the past. You even take him to the attic once in a while to open the dusty boxes and show him your plastic-covered collections. You also took him to watch the movie and gave him a recap of the Superman stats and info in your head. So, even though you are already an adult and wearing a pair of Superman cufflinks is the last thing on your mind, be his hero for today and wear the gift he has studiously searched for you. Maybe after you’ve gotten used to the feeling of wearing something that stands out from the regular cufflinks, you will enjoy wearing your Superman cufflinks. It will not only help you relive your childhood, it will also allow you to smile and look back to the moments you’ve shared with your son. Be the Generous Hero Even if you have never been a Superman fan, you can still release the hero within by being a good friend to your best bud. You may find him immature because he hasn’t stopped purchasing .ic books and action figures. In fact, he still attends conventions and he hounds e-bay for every single collector’s item he can find. Why not show that you appreciate who he is. Be his hero for the day! Give him a pair of Superman cufflinks and put a smile on his face! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: