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UnCategorized If you want to take a vacation that is relaxing and do not want to do any water activities or strenuous activities, you can plan to include a visit to the Botanical Gardens, Malaga, The Picasso Museum, Mijas Racecourse and the Selwo Wildlife Park. The Fuengirola Zoo is another place to enjoy a day. If you enjoy a little casino excitement, you will enjoy Costa del Sol Casino. They do have three casinos to play. The drinks are tasty and the hosts are very polite. Vacations cannot be any better you might think. You can visit the zoo and spend an entire day enjoying the antics of the animals. The wildlife park is one of the biggest in all of Europe. The park houses over two thousand different species and they can be seen daily. Some hide from you, but you can catch a peek here and there. You can either walk around the park or take a 4×4 for a ride around the park. You will see elephants, tigers, lions and hippos as well as bears and monkeys. The anacondas are something to see. The wildlife park has exhibits and activities for everyone to enjoy. The Botanical Gardens are a place of beauty. You will see over three thousand plants as well as streams and fountains. They have walkways that are shaded from the hot sun. It is a nice way to spend a day. Before you leave the gardens, you will want to take a stroll down Canarian Palm Tree Walk. Your holiday to Costa de Sol will be spent enjoying the natural beauty of the area, which is plentiful. You will enjoy the day and want to glaze at the beauty of the land. You can enjoy a picnic lunch in the gardens as well. The Picasso Museum is another place to plan your holiday to Costa del Sol to see. It does not take you that long to explore the museum, so you can plan a few things to do. Then there is the racecourse. You can watch the horse races or sit and enjoy a few drinks or a nice lunch in one of the many restaurants and bars on the grounds. You will also find live entertainment at the racetrack. You can walk around and se the beautiful horses and meet some of the jockeys. Holidays to Costa del Sol might include a day at the Selwo marina for some interesting sights. You will see sea lions and dolphins entertaining the visitors as well as penguins. You might even enjoy a visit to Crocodile Park. They have a snack bar and a playground for the kids. You can spend a day here enjoying the scenery and a sighting of the crocodiles. You will have an enjoyable time in Costa del Sol no matter what you do. You do not have to spend all your time on the water, there are so many different things to do that do not include swimming or water activities. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: