Red net China Korea bloom, mik11.11 party- tourism Sohu. christie stevens

Red net China Korea bloom, MIK11.11 party-. Made In Korea tourism Sohu in November 11th, Conference & Networking Party was held in Seoul Korea Grand Hyatt Grand Ball Room grand hotel. The exhibition, a total of more than 100 South Korean enterprises to participate in the event. 100 companies involved in the IT, diet, fashion, beauty, life and emerging enterprises, all enterprises are export-oriented. China Yesky MIK channel combined with green bean convened ten red net currently the most popular gongxiangshengju. Show time in Korea 16:00 kicked off on time, the organizers for on-site guests to warm up wonderful performances, popular Korean girl group, handsome male stage one by one, each exhibition. On the stage of popular South Korean women’s team MATILDA best performances, the audience is also a feast for the eyes, show the instantaneous atmosphere reached a climax. Taiwan, our China red net is not idle, carefully read the product description, as manufacturers use through the translation of a detailed understanding of the product, by way of broadcast the first time better recommended to love their fans. Site, the organizers also provided a variety of drinks for guests to cite, our Yang Nuoyi students, but also received a small card written by her Korean fans personally, is not very warm heart! Part, walk in every corner of the exhibition at will, from time to time will be surrounded by the side of the beauty of Korea, polite and they chatted a few words, and taking pictures of that wonderful moment. The exhibition of the most dazzling, of course is our Chinese red net, our classmates are especially beautiful morning hair stick burned hand, follow the Korean translation to a nearby hospital for a simple dressing, immediately full of energy into work. With our China Red Net came to the exhibition big poster photo, was immediately surrounded by major South Korean companies, eager to own the company’s flagship product delivery, in order to obtain the net photo red. Red Net sisters with the outstanding performance of the field and play, success has been the scene of a number of South Korean manufacturers favor, gifts to get hand cramps, seeking photo of the crowd is in a continuous line… With the success of the site, 100 South Korean brand enterprises get publicity, and our China network through excellent red its performance, a perfect display of their. After the event, the younger sister holding a bag of gifts manufacturers, simply happy to fly! I do not accept gifts, but also help to carry the bag for no harm no more…相关的主题文章: