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Qing Jun – Sohu and dominate the soup, this is the second time to the shop, small store, always crowded, in fact, not cheap price, but still attract so many customers, what should be the best tips, or eat more than the old kitchen area. The main signs are still this cage crab Tang Bao, each cage is freshly steamed dumplings, so after the order patience is necessary. Thin juicy meat fresh, each time all suck like a puppy flavor. And this came and found the store also launched new products, fish curry soup. The penetration of the curry sauce makes the skin slightly yellow in color, which is a good indication of the taste. "Gently, slowly, the first window, after absorbing the soup, in compliance with the store posted in the twelve words formula on the wall, nibble one out of the soup with curry flavor and taste buds, impact. If the package focuses on fresh crab soup, curry soup is focused on strong. Two different styles, each with its own characteristics. However, this time, what surprised me most is the simple noodles. Different from the usual to eat noodles, sauce not only his peanut butter, but with a spicy taste, the first mouth feel very hot, but people eat more addictive, not stop completely, after a long sigh, comfortable! The store is also a secret sauce sold separately. To shop at 7:30, the sign of the stew soup cans are sold out, so they tasted the simple corn big bone soup and sour bamboo shoots and tofu soup, light and not to lose the taste of soup with dumplings and noodles, just. Simple mixed vegetables, is also good to say. All kinds of colored food, sometimes we need a simple soup or noodles, soup Qing Jun, really is a good place for meals at the area. Name: Qing Jun soup consumption Tips: address: BRT at the station. Shahelu 873-23 (Lin Tai Hotel next) recommended: Crab soup, fish soup, curry noodles相关的主题文章: