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Putin affirmed that the cooperation BRIC countries have made new achievements in the network – Putin certainly BRICs cooperation has achieved success in Moscow in October 13, Xinhua (reporter An Xiaomeng) – Russian President Vladimir Putin said the day before, the BRICs Member States to expand pragmatic cooperation in various fields in the BRIC framework, now has achieved practical results. The Russian satellite news agency 13, broadcast an interview with Putin. Putin said there are more than 30 kinds of sector cooperation within the framework of the BRIC countries, involving many areas of politics, economy, culture, security and law enforcement. Founder of the BRIC countries, the new development bank is a vivid case of cooperation BRIC countries. In addition, the BRICs in the "group of twenty" within the framework of cooperation, including cooperation as the rotating presidency in China, such as commitment to combat tax base erosion and profit transfer action plan. BRIC countries strive to approach the WTO position, in order to improve the rules and promote multilateral negotiations within the framework of the organization. Putin said that the BRIC countries is one of the key elements of building a multipolar world. The member states have always adhered to the basic principles of international law, committed to promoting the strengthening of the core role of the United nations. In some western countries trying to push a unilateral approach in the context of the BRIC countries to maintain the basic norms of international law position is very important. He said that at present, the world economic and financial situation is still grim, the consequences of the global economic crisis has not been eliminated. Some countries are trying to solve the problem through trade protection measures and the establishment of closed, opaque alliances, such as trans Pacific Partnership, cross the Atlantic trade and investment partnership, which is regrettable. Putin stressed that Russia is committed to working with other BRIC countries to establish a WTO based on the principle of non discriminatory, open economic space. China and Russia in 2015 formally proposed the Eurasian Economic Union Construction and the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt docking cooperation, Putin said, the future of this process may be formed with the Eurasian Economic Union, the SCO and ASEAN countries to participate in the "Asia Europe partnership". This relationship will be based on the principles of transparency and mutual respect and open to all interested countries. The eighth BRICs leaders meeting will be held in India from October 15th to 16, goa. To attend the meeting of the Putin said, to establish the cooperation pattern and mechanism of the new Russia plan and partners, and within this framework to formulate corresponding measures for the development of cooperation in various fields.相关的主题文章: