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The pregnant belly is too big to be laughed at, after the baby is born, people stunned by the Sohu mother at 7:22 on the morning of October 14th, the Department of delivery room, Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University Medical College of good news, "the four babies family, your children are born, into the operation room, looked at the children and the wife of Sun Ying, father of Liu Peng hanging heart put down. Liu Peng told reporters four births is a woman and three men. "A few days ago we went to Yunying shop, bought 8 bottles, the boss fourth son, asked why we buy so much, that is four births, the boss sent a pacifier and apron to us, let us have the need to buy him on." Maternal Sun Ying told reporters that his pregnancy when the stomach is too large, not only the high rate of return, even her husband joked that he was a monster. The birth of four births, ward came with gladness in October 14th morning, the reporter walked into the Department of Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University Medical College inpatient department two the first floor of the ward, saw Liu Peng one family bursting with happiness. Close to the bed, pregnant woman, the hero of the sun lying on the bed, Liu Peng stood by the bed and she said what, warm sunlight came in, happiness and joy rippling in their faces. "Congratulations, it’s not easy to have four births," said Liu Peng and Sun Ying after receiving the interview. 5, 14 am Sun Ying woke up, quietly told her husband that she wanted to go to the toilet, waiting for Liu Peng to hold the sun in the bed next to the toilet to the left, Sun Ying suddenly cried "stomach ache", aware of the Liu Peng hurriedly call the nurse. Because his wife is a four child, Liu Peng said he must always be careful, as far as possible to ensure that his wife is not accidental. Later, Sun Ying rupture of amniotic fluid, is home to the class of doctors rushed to the hospital, more than 6 points were sent to the operation room. Standing outside the operating room, Liu Peng first to the home to the phone, told the family that his wife might be born, so that they come as soon as possible. Hang up the phone, Liu Peng began a long wait. "At first, you can still calm down, and then a bit irritable, and worry." Liu Peng said he was only one person outside the operating room, really do not know how to boil, the station is not, nor is it". Stand in the operation room door, Liu Peng did not know the situation inside, but back and forth, "moved forward a few steps back a few steps". At 7:22 in the morning, the operation room door was open, the good news, someone shouted "four babies’ families, your children are born, hear these words, Liu Peng very excited, rushed into the operation room. "I looked at the children first, and I was relieved to see them blink." Liu Peng said at the time of the excitement can not be described in words, every one who is about to be a father may have this experience. Sun Ying said she was a little scared in the operation room, most worried about is the child for his own safety accident, did not attend, then continuously hear the children crying, she was no longer afraid of, the heart is very excited, very happy. In fact, in 2008 Jiaozhou family had 4 births, after Liu Peng know with a special door from Sun Ying. Liu Peng said they got back to the "real" is also very common, nothing more than "to rest at home lying", "to keep up with nutrition", "how to go to the hospital to check.". Liu Peng said they were相关的主题文章: