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Email-Marketing Word Wrap This is a .mon problem plaguing email messages. You are probably .posing your email message content in a text editor or word processor. If thats the case, then you will never be confident of what the reader sees on their screen. Different people all across the world use different programs which have many different ways in which to see your message. One .ponent of these programs is that they use word wrap to automatically arrange lines according to a pre-set number of characters. If your client has a shorter pre-set on his screen, his message might read something like this: This is a perfect example of what happens when your email is distorted by a web program which has smaller preset characters for his screen. This look terrible, and the reader is apt to delete it. This problem can be solved by wrapping your lines yourself at a reasonable length such as 60-65 characters and having a solid return at the end of the lines. Font Fonts are imbedded in most word processors or .puters, and are different for separate machines. If the font you have used for writing the matter for the email marketing campaign is not present in your receivers .puter, then they will see it in a different font altogether. It will appear in the default font that they use. Fonts .e in proportional and fixed-pitch types. In fixed-pitch type fonts like courier, every character has a similar width, whereas in proportional fonts like times new roman, the width is different. Hence a sentence typed in one type will vary .pared to a sentence typed in the other, causing your lines to be longer in courier .pared to times new roman for instance. This makes a significant difference if you have a arranged table for example. It may be jumbled in another .puter which does not have the font you used present. HTML Tags And Automated Formatting If messages are .posed in word processors, they will have formatting specific to that program, and when you convert it to a email window, you may see errors like =20 at the end of every line. Similarly, if you type your message in HTML, readers may see the tags that form part of HTML. Hence, it is wise to first check if your reader can receive email marketing mails in HTML format, to be able to see it the way it as been written. This is why many senders use both HTML as well as normal text code for sending email. It is better to save all files to be sent in .txt format as a text file, as these are devoid of formatting and are usable on almost all .puters. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: