Peter Keller, Senior Vp M&a Of Koyal Group, Invited To The Financing Growth Capital Markets-spyair

Finance Peter Keller, Senior Vice President Mergers and Acquisitions of Koyal Group has been invited to attend the Financing Growth: Capital Markets, Investment and the Economy to be held in London on September 24, 2013. Hosting the conference is the Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME). (The event is by invitation only.) AFME adheres to the essential need of calling for a greater rapport between decision-makers in the investment industry and stakeholders within the global economy to expose vital solutions to aid capital markets to support financial and lasting growth. Strategizing a move for economic growth in Europe, a pressing need of the moment for policy-makers and government agencies, is clearly stipulated in the newly-released European Commission Green Paper The Long-Term Financing of the European Economy. The conference hopes to provide a way to present and to highlight the nuances of present financial issues besetting Europe and the entire globe. The conference will feature senior speakers from the European Commission, national governments, European corporations, regulators and financial entities along with senior representatives from the European financial industry, policy-makers, the corporate sector and the political sphere. Koyal Group participation in this conference affirms its position as a respected major player in the financial community. It hopes to contribute as much as it aims to gain fresh insights during the conference regarding the present compelling needs and issues that require utmost attention at the best minds in the industry. Koyal Group was founded and established in Tokyo, Japan, in 2003 through the dynamic efforts of a group of financial professionals with vast and varied experience, knowledge and expertise in stock market investment and trading, compliance, accounting and legislation. For more than a decade now, Koyal Group has served with some of the world biggest corporations as well as several high net-worth individuals and has successfully provided them significant investment gains even during dire market conditions. Furthermore, Koyal Group provides premium research and support service to their clients with the use of the latest technology coupled with the skill and experience of their professional managers and employees who have more than 5 years direct experience in either stock-market trading or anaysis, being a prerequisite for admission to the Group. The firm maintains a global staff-base, assuring members that individuality and culture are preserved and respected. To Koyal Group, not only are their associates unique, their clients are as well. Hence, they create a tailor-fitted plan suited to the needs of each and every client without regard to portfolio size. As a boutique-equity research house, Koyal Group has become one of the largest equity research houses in Asia, maintaining a strong interpersonal links between their clients and their allocated advisors. Their analysts also offer fixed-income analysis for users of other instruments. Within the equities division, they specialize in Technology, Financial and Industrial/Metals research. The process involves essentially identifying within these sectors, distressed or undervalued securities and then conducting a meticulous fact-finding job employing a vast mix of quantitative and qualitative calculations in order to evaluate whether the security is viable for their clients final approval. Koyal Group believes it is in the best position, more than ever, to network with major and minor players in the financial industry through such conferences as the Financing Growth: Capital Markets, Investment and the Economy. With its track record of success and dynamism, the Group plans to bring up into a higher gear its potential for achieving greater growth for the company and for its clients and serve the ultimate goal of greater economic advancement for all. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: