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Pedigree heir M235i facelift MKL head section – Sohu car everyone says "open BMW, Mercedes," to this sentence reflects the positioning of BMW driver’s car. Benz frequently in the past two years in force generation models, consistent interpretation of luxurious comfort, no one can shake the status of Benz boss, but BMW seems in today’s car market began to lose direction, lopsided and pure movement, gradually made concessions to comfort, continuous cropping for 3 Department of the same level of benchmarking is no longer in the the pure driving machine, car one pleasure and hard to find. And the apple green M235i today’s hero to replace the MKL head section but fortunately BMW bones also flowed the movement of blood, as BMW fans made M235i such a good car, maybe it is a toy, in some people’s eyes, yes, it is a toy, it’s fun to other models to deal with. Power, small body, flexible tail, you look really hard to find such a fun car. Greed is human nature, it can also be a neutral word, people are always eager to get on the good, get more. Today, this car M235i on the MKL header. In situ installation, no need to change so many people will just change the modification of the exhaust of a tail or tail section, is compared to the original factory exhaust will slightly improve the sound, and more color, but ignore the importance of head section. The exhaust of the first section of the exhaust and the smooth back pressure on the engine power plays a decisive role. MKL high quality head section, the turbine interface is perfect docking pouring three yuan catalyst, high temperature resistance, eliminate the vibration cause welding turbine flange fracture problems, Euro 53 yuan 300 molybdenum catalyst, rapid heating into the working state, pressure stability, maintain high speed power output at the same time low speed torque. The head section support the anti torsion ability of MKL head section and original head section compared with high strength stainless steel industrial grade 304 stainless steel screws of +8.9 grade, three yuan protection shell double metal shell, do not have to worry about the dangers of high-speed driving, fuel consumption and a series of data and its stability, both the safety factor and the product stability and durability who can be more than three yuan a head of any market segment. It is said that the apple green M235i is water for the MKL header. More information can be concerned about changing the network WeChat public account gtuucom相关的主题文章: