unprocessed food. You can see that dogs need high quality

Pets Recently we looked at some of the physical differences between dogs vs humans and the effect on nutritional requirements. The number of teeth, the ability of the dogs jaw to only work up and down and perhaps most importantly the short digestive system of the dog when compared to humans. As a result we concluded that a dog needed to be fed a healthy natural dog food. Taking this one step further we might go so far as to say that they should also be fed a human grade dog food. While this may seem extreme so many health issues that manifest themselves in dogs are a direct result of poor nutrition. Certain additives that we take for granted, can create liver and kidney damage. Liver and kidney diseases are amongst the leading causes of illness in dogs. For example, our water contains fluoride. Dogs definitely do not need flouride in their water as they do not get cavities. Although generally considered safe for humans 10 European countries have banned flourination of water. In dogs, fluoride alters serum calcium/phosphorous balance and can damage bones and kidneys. Because of the high amount of flourinated water in canned food, dogs should definitely drink filtered water and avoid canned dog food whenever possible. These contain high levels of concentrated fluoride. Are you aware that dogs actually produce their own Vitamin C? Dogs use trace minerals in the liver to produce their own supply of this vitamin. Humans cannot do this. Supplementing Vitamin C for dogs can create pH imbalances in the kidney. Adding Vit C can also damage the liver. Many manufacturers use vitamin C because it is a cheap preservative that prevents discoloration, not because it benefits the dog. There are many differences between dogs and humans and we can take a look at them in later articles, dog’s sense of smell, sight and hearing is all dramatically different and bears looking into. What you may not realize is that a dog not only can see motion better than humans but they have a third eyelid as well? It helps to remove debris from the eye and protect it as well. Dogs have flatter lenses and larger pupils so you see that when you delve a little deeper into your four-legged friends physiology that you need to learn more about how dogs are built in order to understand the "why" of what they might need. Despite highlighting the nutrional and digestive aspects of your dog’s needs we also need to know as much as we can about our dog’s physiology in order to insure they will be around and healthy for as long as possible. I hope you have enjoyed this comparison and that it helps you make informed decisions about how and what to feed your best friend. We all need whole, natural, unprocessed food. You can see that dogs need high quality, human grade dog food for healthy absorption and digestion. Amongst other things we will be covering how to read labels in future articles. Dr. Janice Elenbaas Always remember, Health comes from the inside out! 。 …luckydogcuisine..

you should arrange for someone around to take you home. You should also arrange for some help at home as you may not be able to perform your routine tasks efficiently. Complications are rare these days

Most of us never value the gifts we have received from the Almighty. Sight is one of those very precious gifts. To ensure that you are able to see things clearly for long, you should see your eye care provider often. Now if he or she refers you to an eye specialist (ophthalmologist) for damaged or diseased cataracts, you should go well prepared. Heres what you can do to make the most of your time together: Make a list of questions that youd like to ask the doctor related to the cataract surgery in India, the costs involved, how long the procedure will last, and how soon youd be able to resume your work life. Take someone along; it could be your friend or someone from the family. You may not be able to absorb all the information that is provided by the doctor. So if you miss out on something important, the person accompanying you may take care of that. Make a list of all medications, supplements, or herbs that you have taken in the past or are still taking. Share with him your medical history Inform him if you are stressed for some time or have undergone some major lifestyle changes Now heres a list of some of the questions your doctor may ask you: For how long you have been experiencing poor vision? Have you had an eye injury in the past? Have you had an eye surgery or cataract surgery in India? How severe the vision loss is? Is the vision loss making it difficult to perform your job? Do you find it difficult to drive? Preparing for these questions will help your doctor understand your eye health better and decide whether you are an ideal candidate for the cataract surgery in India . Post-surgery, you may not be able to drive yourself back home safely. Thus, you should arrange for someone around to take you home. You should also arrange for some help at home as you may not be able to perform your routine tasks efficiently. Complications are rare these days, but you should contact your doctor f you experience some unusual discomfort or pain. In the end, whether you have been recommended a cataract surgery in India or glaucoma treatment in India , you should ensure that you take the treatment at the earliest and follow your doctors advice to every letter for speedy recovery. 。 Technology has dramatically improved the outcomes of a typical cataract surgery in India or glaucoma treatment in India. If you have been diagnosed for poor cataracts or some other eye conditions, you should seek treatment at a reputed eye hospital. For more on cataracts, tips for eye care, and treatment for retinal diseases , please read our other articles. Article Published On: …articlesnatch.. – Eye-Care Lose The Weight By Using These Tips! By: symon ramirez – Losing weight can be tough, and most people could do with losing a little. But, there’s so much conflicting information out there on what to eat and what not to eat. 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