Over the past five years, Shenzhen established Longgang to span the new advantages of Shenzhen chann-yezimei

Over the past five years, Shenzhen established Longgang to span the new advantages of Shenzhen channel, people.com.cn over the past five years, deepening the reform of Shenzhen District of Longgang has made new breakthroughs, a number of reform has become a national demonstration; adhere to the high-end leading, innovation driven, economic output and quality to achieve double lifting; adhere to governing for the people, for the people of the development of social undertakings. In the comprehensive development. Grab seize the opportunity to deepen the reform of the history of Longgang is a high-end lead to seize the opportunity, the momentum of development history. 5 years, Longgang District adhere to the overall planning, pilot, comprehensively deepen reforms to achieve new breakthroughs. Longgang to deepen the reform of administrative examination and approval system, in the lead in preparing the "accrual list", to promote the reform of "one window". The new national low carbon city (town), the national social organization construction innovation pilot demonstration area, the first national intelligence community pilot area of 6 national pilot reform; operation center in the national social Dayun typical cases of PPP; the district administrative service hall won the national administrative service hall of the "top ten" typical case "community livelihood; figure" projects selected for the national "ten community governance innovation"; "innovation in labor disputes governance" selected the grass-roots trade union work; a typical case of "Shenzhen international low carbon city won the Sino US joint authority issued the" Planning Project Sustainable Development Award ", named" national new urbanization "in ten cases. Longgang the leading high-end, high-end gathering as a general starting point to enhance the quality of development of the city, the preparation of a high standard of Longgang integrated development plan, "13th Five-Year" program and the mountain ring of water embellish, production integration of the city and other special planning, "mountain water embellish, dragon and Phoenix" new city form to call out. Innovation driven economic development full speed Longgang to drive innovation as the main strategic restructuring and development, the introduction of universities, research institutes, technology transfer center, venture capital institutions and a series of innovative elements, create innovation, entrepreneurship, venture capital, a passenger, a science, a record linkage of rich play six innovative entrepreneurial atmosphere. Innovation has become the main thrust of Longgang’s recent economic trend of rapid development, has become the new quality of the new normal, new culture, Longgang. Longgang introduction of Chinese University Hong Kong (Shenzhen) international cooperation project, running North Institute of Moscow State University, Melbourne Health Engineering College 4, signed a memorandum of cooperation in running schools in 3, Longgang is expected to become the country’s most concentrated Sino foreign cooperative education area; Chinese University Hong Kong (Shenzhen) new robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute of Shenzhen University, Longgang Institute of new scientific research innovation 5, the new innovation industrial park 36, hackerspaces 29, 53 innovation platform, innovation platform five years doubled; new international and domestic 3 academicians, people plan expert 29, "peacock plan" 124 talents, innovation team and the "peacock plan" innovation team 12. The total R & D investment accounted for 10.8% of the proportion of GDP, Longgang ranks among the country’s regional incubation capacity of 15. New industrial enterprises above Designated Size 257, the national 414 high-tech enterprises; improve the international competitiveness of HUAWEI, BYD and other leading enterprises, such as soft, KPS innovative SMEs to grow rapidly. Strategic emerging industries added value of an average annual growth of 22.5%, aerospace)相关的主题文章: