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UnCategorized In terms of Outer Banks restaurants for diners enjoying a stay in North Carolina’s barrier islands, there are over 160 diverse choices. Each location, whether it is Hatteras, Nags Head, Ocracoke or any of the other islands, has its own specialties and dining style. The one thing .mon to all, though, is seafood and a local atmosphere. The seafood is always fresh and part of the daily, local catch. It’s hard to find better tasting oysters, lobster, shrimp and fish anywhere else. Diners can order everything from Hatteras clam chowder to fried fish, and it’ll all be from the same day’s catch. There are an extraordinarily high number of family owned establishments here that are run by locals. They’re not all that big on chains, and the most popular restaurants are all independent, locally owned and operated. In fact, Ocracoke doesn’t have even a single chain restaurant. By the same token, there’s no need to dress up for eating out. Even upscale establishments for fine dining don’t mind guests .ing in to eat in casual wear. Being island .munities with beaches, nobody bats an eyelid at people .ing in straight off the beach to enjoy meals in beach wear either. But this doesn’t mean the food is always simple or limited to seafood. Diners can find plenty of establishments offering fine French and Italian cuisine with extensive wine selections. Being part of the South means there’s always going to a good choice of barbeques and hushpuppies. Also, being an island chain means many of the establishments have historic associations with marine life. They’ll have decor that tilts towards nautical themes and the walls will have plenty of tall stories to tell. Eating freshly caught sea-food in these places with a view of the Atlantic is an experience all by itself. In summary, guests dining at Outer Banks restaurants can expect the fish to be so fresh it’ll get up and jump off the plate. Reservations and dress codes are not usually required. But the choices, both in terms of location and type of restaurant, is big enough that visitors with different tastes can expect to get what they’re looking for. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: