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Certification-Tests That IT knowledge is a fundamental issue for anyone looking to be productive in todays world is a fact that cannot be ignored. IT knowledge is required in the management of an organizations information, storing the same information, sharing the information, and communicating with other organizations as well as within the same organization. However, in spite of this unchallenged truth, Nigeria still lags behind in terms of the application of IT in areas such as education, governance, business, organizational management and so on. In business, most businesses are yet to make significant use of computers in the day-to-day operation of their activities. In addition, many firms are yet to create an online presence by having a website. This means that most businesses still market themselves and sell their products using the traditional means of doing business. The same organizations are likely to face more challenges in managing their information because they have not adopted the use of IT to manage, manipulate and transmit or share information. Yet there are IT applications like Oracle which can help organizations a great deal in managing their records such as customer information, sales projections, product features and so on. The problem is that not many people have received IT training like Oracle training in Nigeria. At the same, time even though there may be people who have taken other certification courses in Nigeria, there is little to show for it because the proportion of IT-savvy people is too small given the countries large population. At the same time, although many people take certification courses in Nigeria, most of them focus on courses that will enable them to get jobs rather than paying attention on acquiring skills and knowledge that will empower them to use IT skills so as to have an impact around the globe. In addition to training for Oracle certification in Nigeria, there is need for people to obtain other certifications such as CISA (information security), CISSP (information security), MCSE (computer engineering), Cisco CCNA (network engineering), PMI (project management), Linux (computer engineering), Sun Solaris (computer engineering), Sun Java Developer (software engineering), and Cisco CCNP (network engineering). This is because while Oracle training in Nigeria is about database management, there need for a holder to have the technical know-how required in managing other computer applications. For instance, a certification in database management (Oracle certification) goes hand in hand with a certification in information security through courses such as Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). There is a ray of hope because businesses are beginning to appreciate the significance of IT and are starting to deploy IT tools in their operations so as to enhance efficiency, accountability and transparency. Hence, if many graduates possess knowledge in database management, more firms will be able to absorb them to help manage their records. At the same time, more businesses will be established which require IT savvy people and this makes investment in information technology courses such as Oracle certification a worthwhile cause. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: