Online shopping tickets can not be found where the network said the system has a delay of 12306 deni

Online shopping ticket can not find said: where the network system has a delay of 12306 denial – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on October 8th news (reporter Han Meng) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" report, eleven just after the holidays, travel back you are not the body and mind are washing. But Zhao Beijing people but because of a ticket, let the golden week holiday a little upset. Before the holiday, Zhao, where to go through the network ordered a train ticket, but on the train but how can not find their own ticket information in the railway system, where the network is a response to the delay caused by the system. However, 12306 of the staff of the Ministry of Railways denied the claim. Zhao on the eve of the holiday from where the online ordering a ticket from Shandong to Zaozhuang Hangzhou sleeper train ticket, because where the network promises can buy lower berth ticket, so Zhao had spend 40 dollars online from where to buy a ticket, and by courier to take real name authentication paper ticket before departure. But in front of the car that forget to carry a paper ticket, so Zhao hurried to the station staff report required, but repeated query times, did not find Zhao ticket information, to re submit the report of loss. Zhao said that she was a link to the past where net customer service staff and ticket agents, but the other did not give effective suggestions, in order not to delay his next trip, Ms. Zhao had to choose to start the car, then fill the ticket. While in the car, Ms. Zhao to the conductor and the staff presented their electronic order and to find their own online shopping ticket berth, but the crew to answer this berth ticket had not been sold. For this, where the network customer service center staff told Ms. Zhao, because Zhao Car Buying ticket outlets to sell paper tickets, the system of the registration information to the Ministry of Railways 12306 different systems, synchronization of information takes time, usually in the 10 days after the departure will be recorded. But this, 12306 customer service has responded: no matter whether the ticket outlets to buy, as long as the real name authentication, the 12306 systems can be found in the relevant information, there will be no delay. Where the network said, ten days after the start of the grid to find information. 12306 customer service personnel, paper ticket lost situation is very common, do not go through outlets to buy tickets in trouble, as long as the passengers required to provide the name, identity card number and the municipal seat ticket to. Generally do not appear such a situation. Although where the network finally to Zhao said her refund, and fill the corresponding price, but a return to the toss will also make the journey mood greatly reduced. And so far, where the network is no more powerful evidence to prove their claims. So finally, here to draw attention, travel or try to choose the official way ticket, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble and loss.相关的主题文章: