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Offer 30 thousand! This several selling B car not to buy a car from the Sohu for home and give you 200 thousand, high quality sedan, most people will inevitably pay attention to the Volkswagen Passat, Honda accord and Nissan Teana, Toyoda Kamimizu. After all, their space, quality is placed here, and retains a large amount, it is not easy to devalue. Today, we will look at their preferences, which is worth more to see what to start! Comment on the brick: change has been two or three months time, although not the latest Volkswagen PassatB8 models, but the actual application we can feel how much difference? At present, there are quite a few areas of preferential efforts, like friends may wish to pay close attention to. Comment: Uncle brick Camry is today introduced 4 models of the earliest usher in change, and shortly before the more common version from advancing to the ten anniversary edition, configuration upgrade both. But from the favorable situation, and the accord, Teana also did not widen the gap, but it is itself a higher price, which may be part of the customer will be diverted to other brand. Brick uncle comments: July was ushered in the change of the sounds of nature, there are 1-2 million in concessions, of course, the old may discount will be bigger, but after all the old brick, uncle, love nature friend, may wish to wait a moment, let the new lower price. Comment: Uncle brick at the beginning of this year has been completed accord change, change, after the appearance of the accord configuration have been significantly upgraded, now with more than 20 thousand discount rate, and lower the price itself, starting now seems to be a wise choice accord.相关的主题文章: