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Real-Estate Looking to invest in a home for you and your family? There are many popular and modern homes available in the Philippines today giving new investment Philippines opportunities to modern Filipinos. A popular example of a popular housing .munity which can offer the best investment opportunities to Filipinos is in Nuvali. What is Nuvali? What is Nuvali? Nuvali is a modern .munity found in the cities of Sta. Rosa, Calamba and the Municipality of Cabuyao in Laguna, part of the growth corridor of the CALABARZON Region. It was developed in a joint effort of Ayala Land Corp., one of the largest real estate development corporations in the country, and the Yulo family, which were the owners of the Friar Lands, known today as Nuvali. Historical Background In the 1800s, Nuvali was popularly known as the Friar Lands which was first known as a sugar plantation owned by American enterprising .panies. In 1984, Jose Yulo had acquired the Friar Lands which ushered the sugar estate into agro-industrial peace and prosperity. In the mid-70s, the Yulos introduced a major planning initiative re-allocating the uses of the land, such as for industrial, .mercial, and residential development. This idea, along with Ayala Land Corp., had resulted in the development of one of the most successfully developed modern .munity in existence within the Philippines. This is Nuvali. Why Invest in Nuvali? Nuvali was accredited by PEZA or the Philippine Economic Zone Authority as an ecozone which is normally granted to locations built and developed for the purpose of promoting economic development, making Nuvali similar or Clark Special Economic Zone and Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority. This authority allowed Nuvali to develop methods and practices for conservation and the preservation of nature such as water conservation and re-use, energy efficiency, proper waste management, as well as a number of GREEN programs such as using solar energy to power many of their facilities and their famous GREEN homes. GREEN Homes According to Nuvali, because of todays fear in global warming as well as the depletion of natural resources, theres no question that more and more Filipinos have developed a renewed sense of concern and awareness for the environment in recent years. Given these issues, the practice of green building has made its presence felt. Green building is important since the growth and development of .munities has a tremendous effect on our environment. In fact, the construction, design, and operation of buildings of which we live and work in affects how we consume our natural resources. Sustainable development techniques conserve natural resources by reducing the use of virgin raw materials and reducing the amount of toxic resins and volatile organic .pounds produced by traditional building materials. Because of this, these GREEN homes became a popular real estate investment Philippines for many Filipinos. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: