November so many events these changes must be immediately concerned about Jiangxi-g-area meru

There are so many big changes in these days. The people of Jiangxi have to pay close attention to the fact that tomorrow is November. What will happen in November? In Chapter 1, provincial Party Congress held in November 46 million related to Laobiao political life event in Jiangxi province Fourteenth Congress October 31st press conference held in Nanchang provincial Party committee and provincial Secretary of provincial Party committee spokesman Hong Zhu introduced at the meeting, according to the unified arrangement of the central government, the thirteen session of the provincial Standing Committee decided on the morning of October 31st, and by the provincial Party committee plenary meeting by China, fourteenth Jiangxi provincial Congress of Communist Party is scheduled for November 12, 2016 to 16, held in Nanchang, will be a period of four days. The general schedule of the general assembly is as follows: on November 11th, the General Assembly will be held in the afternoon; 12, the opening of the general assembly of the morning; the morning of the closing of the general assembly 16. Congress has four main item on the agenda: to hear and examine the Chinese Communist Party of the thirteenth Jiangxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party Chinese review report; the thirteenth Jiangxi Provincial Commission for discipline inspection work report (written); the election Chinese Communist Party of fourteenth Jiangxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party; election Chinese fourteenth Jiangxi Provincial Commission for Discipline inspection. Main points: 1, the new members of the provincial Party committee will have what new faces? An important task of the fourteenth provincial Party Congress is elected the fourteen session of the provincial Party committee, alternate member and fourteen Provincial Commission for Discipline inspection. 2, the grass-roots party will bring what advice? The Fourteenth Congress of the province a total of 670 representatives, representing 2 million 161 thousand members of the Communist Party of our province. At present, the proportion of representatives elected for leading cadres at all levels of Representatives accounted for 63%; production line and work on behalf of 34%, including professional and technical personnel and 17% representatives, representatives of advanced models accounted for 17%; the PLA and armed police representatives accounted for 3%. Representatives, women accounted for 22% of deputies, ethnic minorities accounted for about 1.9%; the age of the representative of the age of less than 50 accounted for 53%. The 3 Party Congress report, which will be the highlights? The report was drafted from the beginning of July this year, after three months of investigation and study, the drafting of the report and comments, which lasted more than 4 months. From the first draft of the report submitted to the thirteen session of the fourteen plenary session of the draft report, after a total of 24 drafts. The drafting of the report from first to last, uphold democracy, and with the research work benefit by mutual discussion, combination. (reporter Yin Kun) the first session of the 2 Nanchang mayor election, in November fifteenth Nanchang Municipal People’s Congress will be held in Nanchang on November 2nd, the meeting will elect the chairman, the Standing Committee of the fifteenth Nanchang Municipal People’s Congress deputy director, secretary general, members and the mayor, vice mayor of Nanchang municipal government; 3, held in Nanchang November China Friends of the city people’s Congress Chinese Chinese Foreign Friendship Association and the national health and Family Planning Commission and the United States International Sister City Association in November 18th to 19 in Nanchang City, jointly organized the third China us friendship cities conference. By then, China and the United States local government leaders and representatives from all walks of life will be wai.相关的主题文章: