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Nintendo NX hardware   exposure; with 6.2 inch screen, game original title: Nintendo NX hardware exposure with 6.2 inch screen of the Nintendo NX game machine is very mysterious, this product should be a console, but can be connected to TV TV part of the game, but because of the limitation of PSP with PS4 and Xbox One cannot function compared. Prior to Nintendo’s information on this product to take a high degree of confidentiality measures, so it has not been a reliable broke the news. Now with the product release approaching, foreign media have more NX host news, it is the console design, but can use the link TV. The handle is a split design. According to Emily news, this device uses a 6.2 inch 720P screen, support multi touch, and there are two USB slots. Because it is a prototype product, it is not sure whether the final version will be exactly the same, but the change should not be too large. The device will debut in March next year, it is said that the performance is still good, using the Tegra Parker chip, six core CPU+256 core Pascal GPU.   (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Bi Lei)相关的主题文章: