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Ningbo a residential houses "vacant" – like earthquake ground cracking the whole pavement cracks along the Sohu news Li Jiayun photo Beijing, Ningbo in November 12,   (reporter Li Jiayun Lin Bo) 4 meters long cracks lie in the middle of the road, like a "tear scars"; many building bottom fault cracks. Like "castles in the air"…… Recently, a small town in Ningbo, Vera was a large area of ground subsidence phenomenon. Everywhere the fault pit, wall cracks and other phenomena, let the exotic "Vera town" became the owners of the mouth of the "Vera small earthquake". Ningbo Vera town is a pure villa residential, has delivered two, a total of more than and 600 sets of villas. Reporters came to the villa area, a row of red brick building in a quiet location, such as shade cover, a house price between 400-1000 million. But the reporter walked into the village, but found that many pavement ups and downs, like "spring", and even a few cracks lie in the middle of the road. A lot of houses and road separation, the largest gap between the areas reached 50 cm, the tiles have scattered on the ground, after the earthquake like appearance, looks shocking. The house and the ground fault Li Jiayun she found that the problem is one of the owners, they were living in the small town of Vera Pitt Park, river park and College Park three Park, the house was delivered in October 2011, has been five years. Owner Li Jun (a pseudonym) told reporters down from the bitter water. In 2011, Li Jun spent 4 million 450 thousand yuan to buy a villa zhonghaifuyuan, shortly after delivery, he found the house in front of the road gradually began to settlement. During this period, I have been to reflect the problem with the developers, but until the house decoration is good, the problem is not resolved. Instead, the problem is more and more serious, from the original more than and 10 cm into the now more than and 50 cm." Li Jun said. Houses like Li Jun are not in the minority. In an area of the small town of Vera Creek Park, 6 platoon of the villa have been caught, there are different degrees of settlement. Today, Li Jun has moved out of the District, he admitted, a period of housing more or less have a settlement problem, even though many years have been submitted, the owners have not yet admitted, are worried about " inverted ". Property Management Office in Ningbo Vera two floor of the wall, the owner of the registration table. The above shows: a delivery of 267 households, check in 21, the delivery of the two phase of the 154, check in 29. But in the huge area, the reporter is a figure, desolate houses, the glass was covered with thick ash. Housing and road separation, like "castles in the air" Li Jiayun photo let Li Jun worried that the small road is "hollow" problem. "Developers of the overall maintenance area at the end of 2015, when the road was dug through the dressing, are found inside the sand filled, there is no pressure in asphalt pavement, can not sink time so long?" Li Juntan airway. In a house and the formation of the ground next to the gap, the reporter through the fault layer to look inside, you can see a huge hole, wave相关的主题文章: