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Ning Gaoning: we soon signed a comprehensive TFA  more open trade and investment — Finance — Sinochem Changning director Gao Ning ( Zhang Feiran photo) in Hangzhou in September 3, (Zhang Feiran) "B20 trade and investment working group submitted a proposal to the G20 policy, hoping to" trade facilitation agreement (TFA) "can be signed as soon as possible." 2016 B20 investment and Trade Group Chairman, Sinochem Group Director Gao Ning said in an interview with people’s daily, Changning. 3 afternoon, 2016 group of Business Summit (B20) opened in. The conference since its inception in 2010 has become an important part of the G20 framework, countries can take this platform for business representatives of the group of twenty (G20) issued a global growth strategy and global governance plan suggestions. In view of the continuing downturn in international trade in recent years, in 2016 the B20 representative called on G20 to speed up the approval and implementation of the trade facilitation agreement. As chairman of this year, B20 trade and investment issues working group Ning Gaoning pointed out that in recent years, due to lack of global economic growth momentum, trade growth slowed, short-term protectionism, some economies even appeared "internationalization" signs, reduce inclusive. This is not a business that would like to see. "The business community hopes that the trade and tax policies of other countries can support its global business layout, rather than being isolated by regional policies." He said. "We had almost six times, to discuss trade and investment issues in different countries, I also participated in the G20 trade ministers meeting, representatives of WTO members and the business community dialogue, is to express the G20 of the country’s business environment, business trade and investment more open, more international, more inclusive expectation. B20’s business representatives would like our proposal to be recognized and implemented." He said. According to Ning Gaoning introduction, B20 trade investment group submitted a proposal to speed up the approval and implementation of TFA. TFA is designed to let the tariff down a little bit, a little bit more uniform, a little easier to customs clearance, port smooth point, improve the logistics facilities, financial and financial upgrading of a little, reduce the cost of trade flows". For example, TFA specifically proposed that the country will reduce the number of customs clearance of 60% or less. According to the "world trade report" predicted in 2015, the full implementation of TFA for WTO members to save 14% of the cost of trade, and is expected to make the world merchandise exports by $1 trillion a year, of which exports $730 billion growth in the developing countries. According to the B20 Committee estimates, if the full implementation of the signing of TFA and can stimulate the global GDP growth of 0.3-0.5% per year, equivalent to 350 billion -5500 billion. "There are now 4 G20 countries, and the 19 WTO countries have not yet signed the agreement." Said the. He believes that only the internationalization of trade freedom, rather than relying on short-term monetary policy stimulus, in order to achieve sustainable development of the country. In addition, trade itself can also continue to promote the adjustment of economic structure of a country. (commissioning editor Yang Xi and Yang Di)相关的主题文章: