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National housing prices rose for seven consecutive months or into price instability with the property market unpopular, housing rental market has ushered in a wave of boom. National Bureau of statistics released the latest data show that rental housing rental prices have been rising for 7 consecutive months, in August the chain rose also maintained at a high level of 0.4%. Although in accordance with past practice, with graduation, employment season draws to a close, the main city housing market will gradually return to calm, but in view of the sale of the property market is still active and the lack of effective control measures, the rent price or become a new unstable factors in the future price basket. Before and after this year’s new year’s day, major cities migrant workers have returned home, the rental market was once weak demand, the amount of new listings also showed a downward trend. But with the start of a new year, a large number of migrant workers return after the Spring Festival, the main rental housing market is gradually warming, eventually reached a high level. 58 city recently released in the first half of the rental market report shows that the first half of this year, the major cities in the rental, rental demand for the total amount of 2016 liters. Among them, the first tier cities in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, the average monthly rent per house are more than 4000 yuan, Shanghai is the price of $5133.91 per month to become the mainland’s most expensive rental city. And the property market is similar to the hot and cold, Shanghai, Beijing and other large cities and other two or three cities have a large gap in the rent. Overall, the two or three line of the city’s rent in each set of 2000-3000 yuan per month, the level of rents in Shanghai is 2-3 times the number of two or three cities. As one of the most concentrated areas, every graduation season, Beijing rental market prices will rise 72.8 yuan a square meters, the average rent of 47.2 yuan from July 2010 to July 2015 square meters, up 54.2%. It is understood that this year the number of graduates in Beijing reached 240 thousand, the number of graduates for nearly seven years in the housing group of graduates will be increasingly large, further increase the rent. The rent is high, is bound to cause renters dissatisfaction, early in March 15th this year, the Consumers Association released the report disclosure, in numerous spending, consumers are most dissatisfied with the rental expenses, including rent prices high, the specific reasons for high rates of repayment pressure, intermediary services, poor trap etc.. Dean of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics School of economics, Tian Guoqiang more bluntly, city housing prices, rent prices need to be vigilant, especially for young people in the city to work soon, rent increases are meant to increase the coming year rent expenses, in this first-tier cities, or cause some consumer perception and price data are not consistent. But for homeowners, rents are an important part of income. In the case of Beijing, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of statistics released in July of urban and rural residents’ income data show that the first half of this year, Beijing city residents of rental housing per capita net income of 628 yuan, an increase of 31.1%, of which urban residents per capita housing rental income grew 31.6%, rural residents per capita housing rental income grew 26.5%. On the future price movements for some time, the Central Plains real estate chief analyst Zhang Dawei frankly, as long as相关的主题文章: