Minhou County, four ancient bridges had been recovered most of its members are expected to repair-xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Minhou County, four ancient bridges had been recovered most of its members are expected to repair the Fuzhou daily (micro-blog) September 21st news (reporter Huang Ling) "during moranti" raging typhoon, the mountains of northern Minhou, heavy rain, Ting Ping Xiang Long Jin Qiao, Xian Wu Ting bridge, three bridges, Hu Xiang Guan Shan bridge was destroyed by mountain torrents. The reporter learned yesterday, the majority of member Xian Wu Ting bridge, Guan Shan bridge has been recovered, is expected to repair; part of the suspected component, three bridges of Long Jin Qiao was found downstream of the reservoir, the authorities are organized forces to continue to look for other scattered components. According to reports, the four ancient bridges are wooden structures, including long Jin Qiao provincial cultural relics protection units, three bridges for the county-level cultural relics protection units. Minhou County Sports Bureau relevant responsible person said that the wood member has arranged two great lakes, Ting Ping Township Cadres and the masses to find ancient bridges were destroyed in the streams along the route, the search team has made significant progress, even in three suspected Jiangshan Aberdeen Reservoir Bridge Construction in Dongyuan, Ping Ting Creek Reservoir downstream suspected long Jin Qiao member. Guan Shan bridge, Xian Wu Ting bridge components have been found, the possibility of repair is very large. The person in charge, the component was washed away bridges may flow through the water flow, including the source of the river flood lake power plant, power plant, big hill Wen Huang Xi, Xi Xi Huokou, power station, iron Creek, river, Shanzi Reservoir and its downstream. Minhou County Sports Bureau has issued a solicitation order, if the masses found suspected components, contact the Minhou County Museum, telephone 22985467. >相关的主题文章: