Microsoft will push high-end surface phone CEO NADELLA broke the news constantly sunny came home

Microsoft will push high-end Surface phone? CEO NADELLA broke the news constantly on November 24th news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft for a mobile phone, there are many people who want to be the rumored Surface Phone. Microsoft CEO Satir · (Satya Nadella) said it would be the ultimate mobile device". Microsoft mobile phone to accept "the Australian Financial Review newspaper" interview, Nadella did not recognize the Surface team designed the intelligent mobile phone companies are currently in development, but still have the ambition that Microsoft in the mobile space, even in NOKIA after setbacks, said: "we will continue to work in the field of mobile phone, will not be affected by today’s market leader however, the only thing we can do is the ultimate mobile devices." What is the ultimate mobile device Nadella did not elaborate, but he hinted that if you want to be successful, the company needs to provide differentiated products. Satir · Nadella for the Hewlett-Packard Co launched HP (the Elixe x mobile phone can be connected to an external monitor or keyboard, as a personal computer), Nadella said: "we no longer follow the footsteps of others, but to do even seem very small things today, for a specific customer service." According to a recent series of rumors, Microsoft will release a complete series of Surface smartphones for different segments of the market. (Zhou Lin)相关的主题文章: