Mesut Ozil exposing insider to join Real Madrid boss called me to persuade him

Mesut Ozil to join Real Madrid Insider: Mourinho Pro call he persuaded Mesut Ozil at Real Madrid C Ronaldo years and fought side by side sina sports in the summer of 2013, Mesut Ozil to create a team history fee record 42 million 500 thousand pounds to join Arsenal, coincidentally, the German star in Real Madrid during the period of teacher Mourinho, also left Bernabeu in the same summer, the former apprentice eventually landed to a Premier League match. Recently, in an interview, Mesut Ozil also talked about the year when the Real Madrid and Mourinho together. "There were a lot of clubs have issued an invitation to me, my idol is Zidane, his occupation career has played like Real Madrid’s top clubs, later I heard they want to buy me, especially Mourinho, was personally called me." "Some of his ideas and construct the blueprint, he thought I should be a what kind of player, how the future of the positioning and development, all of which deeply impressed me, I believe in him, so I chose to join real madrid." Mesut Ozil said: "after that, when I from the SV Werder Bremen to Real Madrid, I found here and I have experienced before everything is different, this is really a big club. Even if it’s a talented player, what would you say when you first came here and sat down with the top players of the big club? You can’t say a word." "When you play for Real Madrid, you must do their best to win every game, and even Barcelona team draw, is a bad outcome; if you have just 10 wins in the home court but lost to a small one, then you press the force will be coming, so, where I learned how to control and deal with the pressure from the outside world, enjoy it." (Alduin)相关的主题文章: