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Lu Yao: people want to own a little cruel [Abstract] I feel that, although the process of creating the very hard and successful results in glory; although everything is hard in order to succeed, but perhaps the greatest happiness in life is to create the process, but is not the result. Lu Yao in my creative life, almost no real morning. My morning starts at noon. This is a habit that has been maintained for many years. I know that this habit is not good, also tried many times to correct, but did not achieve the purpose. This was the old saying: a. Since you have not correct, simply leave it. At some point, I am a person let things drift. Normally, I go to sleep at around three am to 2 am, sometimes even to the point of four to five. After the dawn of sleep phenomenon also occurs. An hour before lunch, so the morning is the beginning. This is a very hectic hour before lunch. First, we need to smoke 35 cigarettes. When I smoke two packs a day, direct smoke mouth bitter tongue numb, do not know to how to smoke. Sometimes thinking about writing or special tense occasion is no smoke, hands also have a burning cigarette. Therefore, a few cigarettes after sleep is simply a kind of fairy like enjoyment. Wash your face with hot water, then drink a cup of strong coffee, to prove that they have a real morning with others. At this time, only to wake up. After lunch, almost immediately on the desktop to work. I’ve never had a break, it’s like a westerner. I don’t even understand how long the Chinese government has laid down. When I think of the day is the culmination of the day, the one billion and one hundred million citizens in China at the same time have fallen asleep, can not help but have some sense of absurdity. Think this is a kind of traditional national habits, it is difficult to attack the old "category, also like to understand their habits as you. The whole afternoon is the best time to work, in addition to the toilet, almost not on the top of the table. Until dinner, but also immersed in the afternoon work. After dinner one or two hours of leisure time, see CCTV half hour news, read the main newspapers the day, this is the day’s most comfortable moment. At this time do not refuse to visit. In the night, when people go to sleep again, my mind jumps again. If the afternoon did not complete the task, then re operation until the completion of the desk. Then, or enter the reading (and read a variety of books, or cross) with considering the work content and the variety of tomorrow’s inexhaustible problem, and closed on the paper and all kinds of special notebooks points for days after further thinking. This time in many cases, thoughts will leave work, leave the immediate reality, through the deep silence of the night, through the time tunnel, boundless to flow from all sides. It is the best sleeping pill to read at any time before going to bed. Second days midday wake up, it is a new morning. In the "ordinary world" in the process of writing, my morning is the beginning of the noon. For me, this book seems to be a.相关的主题文章: