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Little boy was 20 thousand yuan loan information shows that he was married at the age of 16 in July 2015, Mr. Yang query to his loan was not yet owing on the loan of $twenty thousand. (screenshot) newspaper (reporter Wang Hui) 2014, Puyang, when the credit card to find himself on the bank credit blacklist, unable to handle the case of the Bank of China, on. Upon inquiry, found herself in the rural credit cooperative in 2008 It is without rhyme or reason. Yancheng District of Luohe City Association loans twenty thousand yuan, no repayment. In order to prove innocence, from the beginning of 2014, Mr. Yang will reflect the matter to Yancheng District Rural Credit Cooperatives, after identification, is to put the loan information into a name to Mr. Yang and Mr. Yang. Two years ago, Mr. Yang repeated cooperation and rural credit cooperatives Yancheng District, want to own the loan errors to be corrected, but there are still individual information has not been corrected. Inexplicable loans twenty thousand Yuan Yang, 24 years old this year, graduated from the University in July 2014, he wanted to go to the bank for a credit card, but the bank to check his personal credit information, he has found a sum of twenty thousand yuan loans, overdue for 4 years without pay, because of overdue loans. He went to the bank’s credit "blacklist", not only the credit card do not apply for personal loans, is also a lot of inconvenience. Mr. Yang quickly checked the personal credit information, including an information display, in July 24, 2008, the rural credit cooperatives in Luohe Yancheng District for his "lending" twenty thousand yuan, expires in July 24, 2010. "I have been to Luohe once in my life, I have been playing for a day. How can I get a loan from a foreigner in Luohe?." Mr. Yang said he was only 16 years old in 2008, and loan information also showed that he was married, "I haven’t got married this year!" Mr. Yang said. For people sharing the same name back the "blame" since the discovery of their own money rather baffling "loans", Mr. Yang began and Yancheng District Rural Credit Cooperatives to deal with this matter. Yancheng District Rural Credit Cooperatives after the inquiry found out the reason, the original is Yancheng District Rural credit cooperative staff in the book system related information, to a Mr Yang and people with the same name as Mr. Yang entry into, after more than a year of waiting, until 2015 November, Mr. Yang this bad information not timely repayment will be deleted. "Married" information has not changed "now there is a message did not change to me, that I am still unmarried, but my personal credit report also shows that I am married." Mr. Yang said, had no reason to be a loan is very angry, and now because of this "married" information, so that he felt wronged. Yesterday morning, the reporter interviewed on the matter, Yancheng District Rural Credit Cooperatives, the relevant staff said, indeed, Mr. Yang did not have the loan of twenty thousand yuan, Mr. Yang on change of personal credit report on the "married" information, involving credit work, they are also trying to solve. "Two years ago, because of the bad credit information, I was cruelly toss." Yang said that now more and more attention to personal credit reports, whether it is to buy a house, buy a car loan, or handle it.相关的主题文章: