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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Where there are women, there is bound to be shopping. Shopping for various style .modities that enhance the looks and the latest fashion trends are 2 things that are loved by women all over the world. Every culture and region has its own way of dressing, making style statements and fashion fads. There is the Spanish jazzy way, the English classy way, the Indian soulful trends and the Middle East unique fashion fads. Many people still harbour the misconception that women from the Middle East are the most backward as far as knowing about the latest fashion trends is concerned as they are mostly clad in the full black Abaya. They are considered world class beauties but their fashion sense is as next to nothing. This is a huge myth as women from these countries such as Dubai, Qatar and Oman, are actually pretty clued in about what is going on in the international fashion world. Not only are they in the know, but they are also quite stylishly dressed up most of the times, even when at home, thanks to a whole new tribe of fashion designers which have strived to give their region a fashionable name internationally. One can see a number of Middle East unique fashion trends on international runway shows of today as designers from western countries research more about other countries and in order to bring innovation to their designs, they incorporate such novel factors originating from different places in the world. Over the past decade, the fashion scene of the Middle East has undergone serious transformation and it has be.e immensely popular and innovative. The fashion designers have had a huge part to play in the emergence of a unique Middle Eastern fashion which has charmed the world. Take for instance Mrs. Dabya who owns a fashion brand of her own name and designs simple and elegant evening wear that have an oriental feel with an international twist. The amount of fashion designers of Middle Eastern origin has been increasing like nerve before and this .petition has resulted in lots of unique trends and styles being created. Most of these ambitious and creative designers have travelled all over the globe and have been inspired by different cultures. However, you will still find the unique Middle Eastern feel in their dresses as they are a very rooted lot and know how to identify beauty amongst their culture itself. People should not expect these designers to design revealing clothes as it is not in their culture to do so. Most of their designs are gowns, dresses or trendy looking abayas which don"t even look anything like the traditional black one. So profound is the influence of fashion in the Middle East, that al Qasimi, the son of Sultan Mohamed al Qasimi, the ruler of Sharjah, also dabbled in it and is currently a successful fashion designer, royal lineage being no deterrent for him to make a career in this highly .petitive and tough field. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: