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Lanzhou City: a national district of Southwest Depression sample Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport Nakagawa District of Lanzhou Avenue, the busiest area. Row of two storey building consisting of commercial street, a traditional Chinese township market looks like. But out of this avenue, the new area of the night, a dark high-rise buildings, only silence. Named after the latitude at the beginning of the road will be cut into the town of Nakagawa, arranged in a crisscross pattern, chessboard like square. This is the core area of Lanzhou new district. 4 years ago, is located in Qin Wangchuan’s Lanzhou district was officially approved, it has become China’s fifth state-level new district, bear the historical mission of the narrow extension of the development of Lanzhou. The new concept, good planning and low price, attracting the influx of developers, green, garden, long Lin, Asia Pacific and other large enterprises, the original farmland will soon become the towns of Qinwangchuan high-rise buildings in the town. 4 years later, there are still vacant buildings with much land and few people, like a black hole swallowed with the District of Lanzhou in the future. Almost never hit the table taxi driver told the interface news, locals can not afford the new town, foreigners rarely come here to buy a house. It is understood that the new area of about 4000 square meters of housing prices, the price is cheaper than the urban area nearly half. Even so, the new district is still unable to attract foreign buyers. Remote location to become the first impression of the New District of Lanzhou. Although the opening of intercity high-speed rail, but it still takes 50 minutes, the planning of Metro Line 5 will lead to the New District, but the specific time to start is still uncertain. Driving on the Lanzhou new broad street, rarely see the pedestrian trail, here is like a big construction site, there are empty flats and tower crane, was mined in the hills bare rock, piled roadside construction waste, at night, in addition to being placed in real Rainbow City and Portland stone group of workers outside the room, most of the real estate is dark. As one of the few new brand developers, Biguiyuan here to develop a project called urban garden. Now they are riding a tiger posted — the sales offices are Malaysia project advertising. It is understood that the project covers an area of 207 acres, according to the record data of Lanzhou City Housing Authority, the project opened in 2014, a total of 697 houses, now sold 211 sets to only 30%, this to be good at "the countryside surrounds the city" garden, fast turnaround, it is hard to imagine. Greenland Group from Shanghai, where there is a large volume of the project: Green wisdom financial city. This covers an area of 3000 acres of the project, planning the construction of residential, office buildings, shopping malls, schools. Green projects occupy a favorable position, the future will be supporting the surrounding schools and hospitals, sales told news at present an interface, high-rise residential buildings have been sold, with only a few dozen houses, in the sale of two group purchase price of 4500 yuan square meters, housing groups to the employees of Geely Automobile and other enterprises. Such a large volume of the project, the development cycle is particularly long. The sales told the news, the project is expected to be 5 to 7 years to nurture. Lanzhou city theory相关的主题文章: