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Four "Kung Fu Man" mid autumn super contra Marie classic Kung Fu four man return downtown autumn Tencent entertainment news I believe "Cassidy an endless enjoyment this slogan with a majority of 80, 90 after childhood, a bully, a game cartridge, a buddy, it is an era of memory. With the era of technological advancement, we can entertainment products more and more novel, but could not return to the original kind and playful. On the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, CO directed by well-known animation director Sun Youshu, Liu Bangbang’s fantasy martial arts animated film "Kung Fu four man", combined with the classic cassette game a tailored new Mid Autumn Festival highlights, the screen is not only creative marks, but also arouse the fans heart precious childhood memories. The four man opened the door of childhood memories of super contra Marie classical string if there is what makes people so young, innocence is certainly the first important factor. The four animated film "Kung Fu Man" have not only a fantasy, martial arts elements, with more young people are fond of adventure, fun style, the film is about in a distant God, four Knight styles together to resist the forces of evil, opened a mysterious fantasy story. In the Mid Autumn Festival small animation, we like the "Jin Mao Shu" underpants will become our protagonist, Q adorable image of his the responsibility for a few big game masterpiece, his incarnation "super Marie" beat spider, head of moon cake sometimes came to "repel manor Plants vs. stiff corpse cicada family the army, sometimes turned" contra "super soldier, sometimes to a" battle ", finally he Meng riding bicycle riding a" colorful auspicious clouds to cool running every day, finally found the four man’s family. In the video game appearance of representative works is not only the memory of a generation, also represents the heart of childhood love to explore the spirit of adventure. The moon cake battle tanks domain of God people celebrates Mid Autumn Festival Mid Autumn Festival as China traditional festival, the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar year, happy people as a symbol of the moon, to August fifteen as a family reunion, therefore, Mid Autumn Festival is also called "the festival of reunion". In the new release of "Kung Fu Man" four mid autumn short, after many pants arrived at the big black cat pass China hosted the mid autumn meeting, for we are in different places of work, not to go home and family together to celebrate the day wandering, finally reunited with his friends, experiencing hardships deeds, but also to the heart of every festival think of the pro mood brought a glimmer of warmth. It is worth mentioning that the film side is also full of creativity, not only to restore the true reality of the game scene, but also into a lot of mid autumn elements. Whether it is "super Marie" in a small mushroom, or "contra" soldiers fired bullets and so on are replaced by the mid autumn moon cake, black cat, black cat, home decorations, king, Qing Luan elders, cicada Princess and four man Mermaid and our joy gathered people across the screen can feel the strong festive atmosphere. The four movie "Kung Fu Man" by China well-known animation Brand Company – Hefei oak Animation Co. Ltd. and Anhui animation XinDa Ltd., producer Li Jinbao, the release of mid autumn with little friend)相关的主题文章: