Korean media Samsung Electronics 19 days for the South Korean Note7 users to replace the new phone-bleep

Korean media: Samsung 19, South Korea’s Note7 mobile phone users to replace the new – Beijing, Beijing, September 18, according to South Korean media reports, South Korean mobile phone industry 18 news that Samsung will date from 19 through three major telecom operators — SK KT, LG U+, telecommunications Galaxy Note7 users a new mobile phone. It is reported that, Galaxy Note7 sales in South Korea is about 400 thousand, according to the forecast, the refund of the user is less, the vast majority of users will be required to replace the new phone. Samsung plans as of the end of the month, with 400 thousand Galaxy Note7 new products to the three operators, for the user to replace the new sales after the restart. For users, the product has not yet received the users can purchase products from 26 onwards. According to previous reports, the release of more than a month, Samsung Note7 mobile phone has occurred in the world caused by multiple battery defects caused by fire and explosion accidents. To this end, Samsung has announced the recall of Australia, the United States and other 10 countries and regions of the 2 million 500 thousand mobile phone. 15, the United States officially announced the recall of about 1 million mobile phones. Information shows that more than and 10 countries and regions have been required to disable Samsung Note7 mobile phone during flight or prohibited consignment.相关的主题文章: