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Korean maritime police shooting China boats threatened again also fired two emotional stimulation Sohu news [Global Times correspondent in South Korea has welcomed the Global Times reporter Wu Zhiwei] "China to South Korea by force of law enforcement violence behavior expressed strong dissatisfaction," 2, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying the strong response to Korea maritime police first used machine guns Chinese fishermen. 1, in the South Korean city of Inchon 91 kilometers southwest of Qingdao, South Korean coastguard M60 to shoot 600 to Chinese gun boats 700 bullets, was considered a violation of international law and humanitarian act. But South Korean diplomatic sources "on the 2 day of the Korean media openly declared," if another fishing boat to South Korea provoked public power, we will use the weapon in the exercise of the right of self-defense level, this principle has not changed". According to Yonhap reported on 2, around 3 will capture the two Chinese boats escorted to Inchon police pier on the afternoon of 2 South Korean coastguard. Reported that the Chinese fishing boats on the hull of a number of damaged, the night before the confrontation is apparent how tense". It is reported that the detained two 98 ton fishing boats from Dandong Chinese, on board a total of 20 people. Korea maritime police are investigating the two captain and other crew members, the survey includes "illegal fishing and fishing boats and other more than and 30 after 1 days of fishing boats to escape what is the relationship between etc.". South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" 2, quoted a South Korean Foreign Ministry sources ", throughout the South Korean coastguard use machine gun fire China fishermen after," an obvious fact is that resistance were flagrant disregard of public power Chinese fishing in South Korea and organized". South Korea, "Central Daily" said, South Korean coastguard before firing, informed of the Chinese fishing collective action situation to the police and China in South Korea China consul, and told him that "if the fishing law enforcement resistance will be punished". In this regard, the Chinese side responded that will notify the relevant departments to take measures." "Korea Daily" reported on 2, South Korean coastguard precedent use fire weapons, those illegal fishing boats Chinese anti violence law will reduce the phenomenon caused concern. South Korean coastguard said, since last month announced consider shelling deal with illegal fishing boats, fishing boats anti violence law situation decline trend. Police analysts believe that the fire spread the news, is expected to come to South Korean waters illegal fishing boats will be reduced. Yonhap said 2 days, most of the Korean netizens views on the South Korean coastguard vessels China shooting is "well done", even the netizen claimed that "if the fishing boat sank better, they should understand we are not at a loss what to do". And this incident also caused Chinese netizens to South Korea’s conflict. Some Chinese netizens said, "although I like the Korean star, but the country before the idol", the use of economic means to counter South korea. 2, China Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying in response to the South Korean coastguard shot China fishing boat incident said, preliminary understanding no casualties. We are further investigating the situation. Hua Chunying said that China has Korea maritime police violence law enforcement repeatedly made solemn representations. In the complex marine environment, the use of weapons of great destruction to fishing boats, easy to make adult.相关的主题文章: