Korean defense minister has not been accused of China’s response to China because insisted on deploy yezimei

Korean defense minister has not been accused of China’s response to China because insisted on deploying the original title: Korean Defense Minister Saad want to visit China without China’s response is determined by the deployment of Sade refers to the [Global Times special correspondent Jin Huizhen] "Han China anti dialogue full stop," Yonhap said 6, "Sade" deployment plan, South Korea defense secretary Han Minqiu’s visit to China and South Korea China anti strategic dialogue, because did not get positive response from the Chinese side face aground. Yonhap said 6 days, held last year in Seoul’s South Korea defense minister talks, Secretary of defense Chang Wanquan China invited Korea seeking the right time to visit China in 2016, Korea seeking the original plan was invited to visit China later, but did not mention the related matters, South Korea did not specifically promote this. The report also said that in 2011, the Ministry of defense held a regular dialogue between China and South Korea each year, a high-level dialogue mechanism – Korea China strategic dialogue, this year, I am afraid it is difficult to hold as scheduled. South Korean Defense Ministry official said, has been proposed to the Chinese side during the dialogue, but China has not responded. Reported that over the past few years, China in the dialogue between the two countries, the Department of defense launched the hotline to strengthen military exchanges and cooperation, and set the air defense identification zone sensitive issues such as the exchange and communication widely. This dialogue mechanism has become the core of China ROK field of defense mechanisms. Yonhap said the 2015 Korea anti Chinese strategic dialogue meeting held in Korea was cancelled because of Defense Minister talks. If this year will be held as scheduled, will be the two consecutive "bathing". Yonhap said, most analysts believe that the reason why China to South Korea China anti dialogue not so positive, because the decision to deploy "Sade" dissatisfaction with South korea. Reported that if South Korea in the field of national defense for communication, will influence on South Korea in response to North Korea’s nuclear test and produce projectiles. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: