Kim Vo And His Salon Product

Beauty Kim Vo is one of the contestants in the hit reality TV show Shear Genius. The hair stylist shows that he is an expert in his craft. The young and talented hair icon is finally launching his product line. Top celebrities like Kate Hudson, Britney Spears, and Pamela Anderson are all trusting him for their hair styles. After touching the tresses of some known superstar, he wants to share his prowess to the world. He is introducing personalized products which are perfect for styling and care for the hair. Whether you have a damaged, colored or normal looking hair, you will surely love the newly launched product. Kim Vo is launching twelve variations of the product filled with blended nutrients. The said product line includes Moisturizing Shampoo, Volumizing Shampoo, Volumizing Conditioner, Moisturizing Conditioner, Moisturizing and Texturizing Paste to name a few. What sets these products apart from others is that they dont contain chemicals which are .mon to traditional hair styling products. It is actually quite .mon to find products containing sulfate and sodium chloride. The best feature of the product is the fact that you can also use this in hair extensions. The products of Kim Vo contain Boket, a botanical nutrient from Vietnam. This is .monly found in hair care products used by Vietnamese. There are other ingredients such as Vietnamese Honey Locust bean which can nourish hair. There is also the ME-10 for hair color and retaining moisture. Also find French Capishpheres, fatty acids, avocado oil and wheat flower lipids. The .bination of these ingredients can give life to the hair. The mixture of the natural .pounds can heal hair cuticles and supply enough nutrients. The .mon things to have are the moisturizing shampoo and conditioners. The shampoo can clean the dirt without taking off its natural moisture. After using this, you need to follow it with conditioner. You can apply the conditioner even if the hair is wet. As a result, you will have soft and silky hair. If you want to make your hair be.e shinier apply the moisturizing masque. This is a cream based masque that can make the hair soft and full. The styling cream is great for those who love to style their hair. For those who are fighting the frizz, then the dry serum is the answer to smoothen and gloss frizzy locks. To get the best results, you can apply the dry serum twice a day. All you need is to leave this for twenty minutes and rinse it. The answer to bouncy and stronger is root booster. You just need to spray it on the scalp and blow dry. The Weightless hairspray can add volume to the hair and the Texturizing Paste is perfect for short and medium hair styles. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: