Ke$ha Kiss N

Music Ke$Ha Songs have really gained lot of popularity as this American singer of pop music has really impressed people with the great and unique songs. There are many other singers in America as well but Ke$Ha own place because people really liked her performances as well as her voice indeed. She got the first album released with the name of animal and that album got released in the year 2010 in the month of January. You can really find that importance of this singer with the fact that she has worked with many renowned producers as well as writers like Kurstin, Martin, Benny Blance and many others. Many of her songs have be.e popular hits not only in the United States but in the whole world. These songs not only impressed people with the singing but also with the performance indeed. After getting the album released Ke$Ha certainly received good as well as bad reviews from the people and she really gets lot of appreciation whenever she performs on any of her songs. Many critics claim that Ke$Ha really gives fun to her songs and she has a carefree nature while on the other hand many critics also claimed that she seem to to insincere with her work and she is juvenile as well. Ke$Ha Kiss N Tell is the song which also got huge success like many other songs and this song also topped in many charts not only in America but many countries like New Zealand, Australia. The unique thing associated with Ke$Ha is that she has four singles included in her first album and that really give her lot of fame and attracted many people to purchase the copies of the album. Many songs of Ke$Ha were sold in millions copies and that is the reason she is considered to be the singer who is popular all over the world. The lyrics of the Ke$Ha Kiss N Tell gives insight and depict the tale of the ex of Ke$Ha who is a stutty one. Many other songs of Ke$Ha also gave insight about such things and that is the reason these songs have attracted people and always find interest in the Ke$Ha News and they love to be informed about their favorite singer and her activities. First album of Ke$Ha got a superb score of 55 out of 100 by the critics according to the review done. That was her success as her first album got to that much rank and after that she kept on raising the standards of her songs and that thing depicts from her later songs at which she gets better response than the other earlier ones. Ke$Ha also gave .mercial performances on many songs especially on the first album and her performances were really appreciated by the people. It is claimed that Ke$Ha is one of the very few singers who have got the sales of more than 150 thousand for her first album and her later releases got even more huge sales to their credit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: